★TIGER POWER ! BIG WIN☆5 TREASURES Slot machine★Free Play Live play $2.64 & $5.28 Bet kurislot 栗スロ☆彡

★TIGER POWER ! BIG WIN☆5 TREASURES Slot machine★Free Play Live play $2.64 & $5.28 Bet kurislot 栗スロ☆彡

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5 Treasures Slot machine on $175 Free play
Check it out !!

***KURI Slot**Slot Jackpot**Slot Handpay**Slot Big Win***
★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. Como es k siempre recupera lo k apuesta???

  2. Mmm???

  3. Are you using casino card money ? Their free play . Because I see you are getting your money back !!!!

  4. I like this machine start from minimum until to see the machine how's good will give me something or not and if gave me good keep playing for while with change amount and always when I won something big print the paper and start over

  5. You are still queen of the big cats. Congrats s

  6. Another nice win from you Kuri!

  7. Thank you for playing 5 Treasures, that is one of my favorites. Nice job getting the bonus early you made a nice profit on your FP. Glad you switched to the third machine, another bonus with lots of tigers!! 🙂 Congrats Kuri.

  8. Wow! 5 Treasures were very good to you. Great wins, Kuri! Someone was telling me that your a Texas slot channel. Do you play at Winstar and Choctaw?

  9. Nice win. I like this game at that bet and I always pick tiger!

  10. Yay! Tigers and $2.64 bet are the sweet spot! What a great session, Kuri! 🙂

  11. Awesome wins on both machines Kuri ! 🙂

  12. Excellent outcome! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Awesome results Kuri. I can tell that second machine was in a bad cycle where it was not giving line hits nor the progressive pot try. Happy you moved.

  14. Who but you (except maybe Akafuji) could start with $175 of free play, play a game someone else suggested that had never been particularly good to you, and finish after 15 minutes with a profit of just over $500. You are an outstanding player, Kuri. Love your wins.

  15. Great wins

  16. Awesome!!!!

  17. That was Big Fun! Game #2 wasn't very nice but Games 1 & 3 sure made up for it!!! Fun Video!

  18. Nice winning Kuri! I like 5 Treasures too and also usually pick the tigers.

  19. Congrats Great win and I love that you keep moving machines!! ❤❤

  20. I just played this last night, we were alternating between 2.64 and 5.28…hit the bonus with the 2.64 bet — but we picked the blue bird symbol. Your bonus payed out better! I'm going to try the green guys next time!

  21. Does Ben get something?

  22. You wasted the freeplay on that second machine

  23. Great job in taking it down to 2.46……………..beautiful hit. Thanks for letting us view it.

  24. Fantastic Kuri. Very nice win.

  25. fantastic wins good job congrats Kuri

  26. Congrats KURI. Great Bonus wins…

  27. Aka's video is nice , but yours fantastic bcos of the words on video. Enjoy N luck always . Gambateh…

  28. Great FP!

  29. You are the luckiest slot player on YouTube! Take me to the casino with you one day 🙂

  30. Love this game!!!! Congratulations on the win!!!

  31. I’m so glad you played this game, I have it on my iPad and just love it. Unfortunately I have yet to find it here in Arizona to give it a try.

    Thank you KURI!

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