★WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! SUPER BIG WIN☆NEW CLEOPATRA (IGT) Slot Machine & other slot bonuses☆彡Barona

★WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! SUPER BIG WIN☆NEW CLEOPATRA (IGT) Slot Machine & other slot bonuses☆彡Barona

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I found New Cleopatra Slot !!
Check it out !!

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★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. 9:45 very nice!

  2. Love the new Cleo. I found its best to play max bet on that game for better line hits! Great video!!!

  3. Just wow!

  4. Kuri sannn! Do you have 3 hands? Niiiiiice wiiiiiiiin on Cleopatra!!!!!! ^_______^

  5. What's crazy is I was playing this game Monday at 70 cents with one line hit in the bonus it was 302 dollars almost same wilds .I hot 5 scatters for 55 dollars it's doesn't pay much for scatters

  6. Noob play noob bet

  7. Awesome win on Cleo KurI! 🙂

  8. Nice very nice

  9. OMG those multipliers!!!! Beautiful win KURI!!! 🙂

  10. Very nice ! That new Fort Knox Cleo is tuff but soooo much potential ! Way to go !!!!!

  11. Taking "If at first you don't succeed" to new heights… 🙂 Congrats!

  12. Nice win!
    Cleo…gotta go to Barona!

  13. Never seen that version of Cleo glad you went back & whipped her butt! Lol

  14. Go kuri!!!! Congrats on your win. Wow is right, I hope to play this Cleo with great results

  15. YES!!! You showed us how to win big on this game in the free spins! Such a tough game when those extra wilds don't appear! Congrats!

  16. Nice win. If it was my win, my gamble box would be filled to capacity with twenties and hundreds.

  17. Nice to see a big win on this game! Congrats!

  18. Nice kuri imagine if u were max betting, how much is max bet is this in vegas

  19. Nice! I do like multipliers!

  20. That was super cool bonus Kuri. Nicely done. Congrats.

  21. Wow! The Best for Last! That was an Amazing Win!

  22. Boom

  23. Nice win!

  24. I'm glad you went back to Cleo, she was worth a second chance.

  25. Nice win!

  26. Awesome getting all those Cleo multipliers Kuri. Great job!!

  27. The Cleo game gave me Life … all those multipliers … I love that exhilaration … Go Kuri! When I go to the west coast again, I am going to Barona. You are up in there getting that cash! 😉

  28. I love this new Cleopatra ! What a super bonus! Congrats Kuri-san!!!

  29. I have always done well on the old school Cleo…Cant wait to play the new one thank for showing what she can do…

  30. What an awesome Cleo win! you're so calm I would've been yelling at the machine! lol

  31. Those multipliers certainly make a difference. Except for the nice $27.60 line win, Cleo wasn't too nice to you that first session.  But after she rested a bit and you came back to her, she made up for it with a fabulous $538 win. WOW.  Maybe that's the secret — give the games a break, and when you come back they'll be ready to pay.  Nice video, Kuri..

  32. Hey Kuri. Nice to see that bonus on Cleo. Very nice. Cleo was being really mean, great comeback. Cheers

  33. Great win, TYFS!!!

  34. Wonderful!!!

  35. Wow is right, Kuri! Awesome comeback win! Can't wait to play this! I loved the original Fort Knox! Congrats, chick!

  36. Came back with a vengeance on that Cleo lol. Great win Kuri!

  37. Love to start my day with some Kuri Slot play. Love the multipliers on the new Cleopatra. Will look for this game. Congrats!

  38. Very nice win on Cleopatra. I thought about playing it, now I will.

  39. The hand action was super funny for Napoleon! Wow what a greaetr screen on Cleo! Thanks for sharing!

  40. fantastic wins congrats Kuri

  41. So Kuri, did you get a 400x multiplier on one of those lines?? If I'm seeing correctly, was it 5 x 8 x 5 x 2? If so, amazing! Congrats on your win! 🙂

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