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Cleopatra JACKPOT
As far as I can see, this is the LARGEST jackpot on Cleopatra 2 on Youtube at the $1 denomination, $9 bet. If I’m mistaken, please let me know but so far no one has found one bigger!

I HIT 5,000 Subscribers (*updated*now over 18,000)!!!!! To celebrate, I present to you my BIGGEST WIN EVER!! Thank you all so much for following and for all your support! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please share your positive comments and let me know about your winnings!

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My Channel is all about positivity. Even if I lose, I keep a positive mind set because this is just for fun and entertainment. Playing slots is not a money making career for me (nor should it be for anyone). I ask that your comments remain positive as well and any that I deem inappropriate will be removed and repeat offenders are subject to being blocked. I love debates about machines and disagreements, that’s cool, but keep it respectful and open minded.

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  1. Anyone Think This Video Will Get Over 1 Million Views? Well I'll Be Here.

  2. Do u have a normal job

  3. This is insane I have never used the slots before but I really want to try

  4. That was incredible

  5. Way to go Brian. My favorite site for some major fun. Watching from Texas. Keep up the winning. Counting down the days until my halloween vegas trip. Yeah!

  6. What is the loss numbers on the money in vs. money out over the long term?

  7. How much do you tip in this situation?

  8. U r lucky

  9. Still one of my favorite video's

  10. I don't really understand the slot machine still good if you let a hand or two play out and took a few seconds to explain the first couple hands and make the videos way more interesting great videos though

  11. Awesome win!

  12. I have no luck with this game

  13. Wp

  14. far to mouthy, why let every crook in the room know your pockets are full.

  15. Wonder how much he could of won if playing all the lines?

  16. The casino set this up to get more suckers in to play the game.

  17. Don’t you have to pay tax ?

  18. A miracle. At Caesars ???

  19. My question, do u work for the casino???

  20. Hand pays all day
    I love ❤️ this!!!

    Undisputed champions league straight up

  21. Wow great win!

  22. should have named this OMG….find a new saying you sound like an idiot

  23. And you spent it all on meth and anal lube.

  24. don't you think those machines are rigged?

    i don't know i don't trust them xD

  25. Damn!

  26. Wow! soo lucky!

  27. Tip them? Why

  28. Glad to see someone stick to those tourist robbing SCUMBAGS ….. : )

  29. Wow it must be nice to have millions to blow/win at casinos

  30. Youre not required to TIP the people who bring you YOUR money — THATS THEIR JOB.

    Congrats Brian

  31. You should buy Steaks for everyone after that win man that was awesome to watch

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