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ジョジョ: Find Polpo’s Fortune『HD』

ジョジョ: Find Polpo’s Fortune『HD』

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Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo

Episode 5: While Bruno explains how Passione functions as a gang, the news of Polpo’s death spreads throughout the mob. Two gangsters, Sale and Mario Zucchero, take an interest in Polpo’s hidden treasure that Bruno supposedly knows of. Giorno formally meets his new quirky teammates, and manages to make a good impression despite their bullying.

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  1. An enemy stan

  2. 와드

  3. Quien mierda hizo los sub al español jaja

  4. Damn, Narancia is actually pretty



  6. Part 2: Coca Cola
    Part 3: 7up
    Part 4: Pepsi
    Part 5: Sprite

  7. BTW. Japanese cannot speak English, but the Italian pronunciation pretty accurate. English-speaking people should listen to this for the characters' names proper (almost) pronunciation like Abbacchio or Bucciarati.

  8. 자막에 누가 스포달아둠….

  9. нихера 700к просмотров

  10. 라디오에서 나오는 노래 병신같던데ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. 아 나란차 귀여운 목소리 ㅠㅠ 이게뭐야 ASB성우 쓰지

  12. The wrong words here.

  13. アホなランチャ

  14. 한글자막어떤넘이달았냐 ㅡㅡ

  15. ぶっちゃけ声優PS2のゲームのが合ってるわ、無駄に声が明るくて微妙

  16. I want Narancia to bounce on my dick like that in the beginning, she is a cute little bitch

  17. At least Mista wasn't the forth one to disappear.

  18. Quick! Do a group pose everyone! We're being attack!

  19. S P A R I T E

  20. zoo wee mama

  21. 米斯達母湯哦

  22. ポルポが自殺した話してる時のジョルノの顔が完全にギャグ

  23. ブチャラティが100億は俺の物だって言わずに俺達の物だって言った事が凄くいい仲間なんだなって思った

  24. ポルポ殺害の犯人目の前にいて草

  25. The song that Narancia is listening to is "Pussy control" by Prince, who Josuke is based on…

  26. k4dir
    Başlık çevirisi beni biraz kanser etti.

  27. 나란차 개잘생겼어ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ


  29. 遺産ってfortuneなんや勉強になります

  30. I want to see Giorno eat pizza.

  31. 4:21
    When Me And My Friend is Play Game PVP Mode.

  32. Wtf is this?

  33. Cola, spraituu

  34. Notice he makes certain to not say a tetra-numeral collection of letters in refusing the darker drink due to the drink in question, a possible but generalized reference to Coca-Cola being a tetra-numeral collection of letters. My phrasing above not counting as not using a tetra-numeral collection due to the hyphen making it a single collection, making the total character count three squared.

  35. 3:25 look at they nouses

  36. 0:23 아.. 원래 뚜룹뚜룹뚜 뚜룹뚜룹뚜 따따다 인데ㅠㅠ

  37. 2:13 remind me of killer queen

  38. Who winning in a fight passionè or the stone ocean gang

  39. Narancia is my new waifu.

  40. I wish I would be gay then I could enjoy part 5 even more.

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