$1 Money Storm, Big Win

$1 Money Storm, Big Win

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  1. Escriban en español!!!

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  3. Nice win 

  4. Excelente, de un dolar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! el juego, a veinte dolares el tiro.

  5. Great win and great luck with that high of a bet. It's so weird to think of how slots have evolved (Some might say devolved… LOL!). I remember millionaire 7s and Pinball, etc… just blowing my mind because of a bonus round. Then came the penny slots and I truly thought that they had to rig these machines so tight because of the concept that $.25 machines had worse odds that $1 machines and so on. But, as I've seen and experienced, even at not max bet, one can get huge rewards still. It's also much more fun to bet slots these days. 
    Thanks for posting,
    Wolfy 🙂

  6. I like your picture of the cat

  7. 20 dollars a pull now that's taking a chance nice video.

  8. Really nice win.  I once hit the top award on this one — during the FREE SPINS, the wilds pay in a SCATTER — so you don't have to worry about lining them up!  Great win!

  9. Another nice win man!!! Old school.

  10. Nice.

  11. It paid on every spin!  Fabulous!!  I hadn't played this one in a while but I remember liking the outcome.  I've only seen it at one casino near me. 

  12. Nice win DW!!

  13. DW, you are on fire in 2014! Congrats! I'm not sure why they selected the song Raining men for the bonus, but I like it! Too bad they couldn't change the lyrics to it's raining money!

  14. I always woundered why they chose Its raining men for the music.

  15. … 666

  16. Great job D!  Starting off 2014 with a serious bang—well done!

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