$1 Quick Hits slot bonuses-big wins in photos at the end! December 2013!

$1 Quick Hits slot bonuses-big wins in photos at the end! December 2013!

[ad_1] $1 Quick Hits slot bonus wins during Christmas trip at Palazzo and Venetian. Unfortunately no videos of the hand pays due to being asked to stop recording. Sorry! Also sorry for the heavy breathing during the bonuses as I had a cold. To read my Las Vegas Trip Reports go to:
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  1. Sorry about the heavy breathing in the video but this was in 2014 when I had a very bad cold while visiting Vegas.

  2. I have had nothing but horrific bonuses on those very same machines at Venetian, still a nice session though overall.

  3. repeat this: PAH-LOT-SO not pulassso…lol…great vids

  4. Good Lord… The breathing.. I couldn't even watch.

  5. Y

  6. what state was you in?

  7. go for a jog your lungs need help

  8. muy bien

  9. Sorry Diana , I did not make myself clear in my comment , I had watched your whole video and understood you had a cold prior to my comment, To clarify what I meant was , even though you had a cold I Love your Vids , don't worry about what other people say about your breathing, Keep posting great vids, I'm a subscriber and look forward to great vids constantly from your page 🙂

  10. Hey Diana congrats on your nice wins. I'm a huge quick hits player in Tampa Florida at hard rock. Have a great day love watching your video. To the others don't be a jerk cause she has a cold.

  11. Why didn't you video your winning jackpot?

  12. Can you breathe any louder

  13. where is the best slot machine in Vegas?

  14. you are very pretty

  15. Hello Diana, win or lose, I love quick hits! Thanks for sharing so many together.

  16. u bet 15 cents….how…..is this possible

  17. love these machines! Finally had my first Foxwoods Handpay on one of these last month. Had one at PH in Vegas last year too.


  18. Well that sucks that they care so much about videoing slots. It's not like you can figure out the randomizer in the machines for any kind of pattern. I am hoping my GoPro Chest mount idea will work for you and all Slot players filming. I'll have it with me every time I leave my room. 4 more wake ups and I am in Vegas!!

  19. Frustrating bonuses! I got shut out on a 8 spin bonus a couple weeks ago playing Shadow of the Panther!

  20. agreed!

  21. You go.. people are always trying to find negative things to say especially the bitter ones….Good luck girl !! Hope you're better now

  22. Wonder if quick hits pardons its blunder?

  23. Look into an oxygen tank

  24. Would have been more pleasing if you were not breathing so loud the whole video

  25. Congrats 🙂

  26. I see 7QH on the screen at the end, but only $1500, where above it shows $7500 for 7QH's ???

  27. The casino I visit, Lady Luck Marquette, has the shittiest machines.

    I've gotten the 20 spins at 3 x multiple times, but can't win over ten bucks.

    It's been three months since I've gotten a win over 40 bucks there.

    Just… I hate you youtube slots people. I really do. God dammit. Lucky suckers.

  28. What happen to the twlight zone slot .

  29. too bad we did not see huge win… congrats

  30. Not sure if they have the 2cent quickhits where you are but up here in ontario canada we have them and I can honestly say I have won more money on them than any dollar game. And it's only $2 a spin to max. In fact yesterday at Kawartha Downs Casino a lady got the 25 spins then re triggered and hit 8 quickhits in the bonus game and it gave her 200,000 credits ($4,000)

  31. Amazing!

  32. Why does it take so long to watch a video on slot machine winners

  33. I am glad it work out in the end!

  34. Love those pics at the end!  I always enjoy watching your videos — you inspire me.

  35. yay at least you got your handpays

  36. always pick the 4 corners to start.  Steady hands picking and taping.

  37. I really dig your slot commentary as you play lol. Very glad things worked out w. those nice hand pays at the end. Congrats!

  38. Wowee!!  😀

  39. damn that sucks you didnt get to record those nice HP's

    never been bothered at aria or bellagio myself

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