$10 WONDER 4 JACKPOTS ✦Live Play with BIG WIN!✦ Slot Machine at San Manuel SoCal

$10 WONDER 4 JACKPOTS ✦Live Play with BIG WIN!✦ Slot Machine at San Manuel SoCal

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25 комментариев

  1. Hey Brian on wicked winnings you should call her Lucinda because she looks like she is in cahoots with Lucifer lol

  2. Stella was the first name that came to mind

  3. how about Vicki the vixen???

  4. wanda!

  5. Lola

  6. We have called her Lydia for years. It's our favorite game.

  7. it usually doesnt happen they way you did it 300 in 300 out if only it worked that way every time

  8. Nice that you finally broke even. It is so hard to do on those machines, but the potential is huge if you bonus.

  9. how is that a big win? you were down 50 cent

  10. Jessica Rabbit is who i think of when i see her only with black hair…maybe her sister Samantha Rabbit

  11. I would call her, "bitch on fire".

  12. That was a close one!

  13. I was routing for you big time. That was a lot of fun and so glad "Samantha" got you your $$$ back. As always thanks for the video.

  14. She looks like a Veronica or Bianca to me. such a withholding bitch most of the time. Glad she put out for ya.

  15. I was swearing with you : D.

  16. @ :50, dont ask, just take!

  17. Love this game lol I do the exact same thing all the time lol feed feed feed

  18. She looks like Jessica Rabbit

  19. Since there is already a Carmen slot, I call her Esmerelda.

  20. whew that was close lol thanks

  21. That's great, you made your money back! LOL

  22. I like Esmeralda or Endorra.

  23. I wish we would get this at my local casinos. We got the original Wonder 4 and that's about as far as the casinos want to go, it seems. So stupid. 😛

  24. We all have our name for that red bitch!
    Glad you got your money back though.

  25. Her name is Wanda!!

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