100/1 roulette machine…the BIG win

100/1 roulette machine…the BIG win

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  1. fake

  2. So now your just hounding other players when you ain’t got no money left, just casually. Spending time in will hill ? Calling for something good ? So you can claim £5

  3. even the woman tells him to stop 6:16

  4. If you win 20000 you lose more I think everyone understands that!

  5. I'm going to play like this next time dis man a teechaa boombawool

  6. do you eat watermelon?

  7. where was the big win that got u from 200 then next clip 800??

  8. The bookies will always be here and so they should for those that fancy a little flutter on the horses, dogs or the footy. These machines have completely changed the way the bookies operate to make their profits. Walk into your local bookies and you will see the same people playing the FOBT machines chasing the last huge loss or buzzing because of the win that is accumulating in the never never bank. These are not the same people who  gamble for a fun leisure activity that can be enjoyed as a controlled and pleasurable past time, these machines turn the ordinary folk into compulsive gamblers. The young, the old the middle aged it makes no difference. Even those sensible types that know there is only ever one winner, will soon find themselves draining their bank accounts, not being able to pay the bills, and lying to love ones and family to cover the shame and guilt. If you want to gamble high stakes and play roulette or high stakes slots lets keep it in the casino's at least they are few and far between and not so easily accessible. We now have our towns and villages flooded with these parasites. All the punters in the bookies including some of the staff hate these machines because of the destruction they cause but "still continue to play them !!!  But there is no problem no ??? For what it's worth here is the actual link to the official government petition it needs 10 000 signatures for it to be "mentioned" in parliament. The government know the destruction these machine cause, but the bookies constantly deny there is any problem at all just to protect the huge profits these machines bring to keep them and the share holders happy. Had a big loss today ? or are you trying to give them up ? are you someone that has indirectly suffered as a result of these machines. Please sign the petition it only takes a few minutes. If your reading this you are probably a gambler and know I am speaking the truth. Good luck !

  9. ok latest news went into Ladbrokes hunter street the village east Kilbride and played roulette on Thursday 18/8/2016 placed bets on first column at odds 2/1 this was done on a repeat basis spin the wheel 5 times consecutively and not once did it come in the first column COMPLETELY OUTRAGOUS in there method Ladbrokes fobt this should be investigated please sign the petition stop the fobt terminals NOW these machines are rigged for you to lose you will never win anything substantial also please contact your MSP about these machines and express your concern to get them banned from the high street Ladbrokes are just making a fool of the general public please don't let them get away with it and do something about here are some useful notes and links simply google this hope it helps ITS A COMPLETE SCAM even the manager from a bookmaker shop told me this verbally

  10. how can you even lose on this? You just paint the board and win 9 to 1 lol

  11. You didn't even show you winning, one second you have over £100 and then the video cuts and you have £900 ????

  12. just watched this video. you're my hero.smashing it!

  13. Enjoyed this Video' thanks for uploading

  14. Jobseeker's Allowance spent at its best. I best your local jobcentre would love to know what your doing with people's taxes

  15. all skill then haha

  16. Fucked by a 69! Interesting!

  17. nice win fella!

  18. well I'm a big man..I've no time to play with Satan prick

  19. have you stopped playing or continue to play on death row

  20. idiot made more than one video fucked for life

  21. I bet ur almost homeless now

  22. nice win my brother don't give them it back buy some clothes a little holiday anything but don't give them it back, well dun

  23. now i want to go to the casino

  24. lose…u happy now

  25. All electrical machines are programed against betters

  26. lol

  27. demo mode! waster cunts

  28. Nice win there lad but these machines will eventually destroy you as they did with me. Good luck to you though.

  29. fucking nigga loser

  30. ya not taking anything with it being in demo mode

  31. lol just randomly smashing chips around no idea about what you gonna win back

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