100 Days Of Warframe

100 Days Of Warframe

[ad_1] This is the story of one Tenno warrior and his epic journey from complete noob to space ninja senpai!

Thanks to all the awesome team at DE for helping us make this happen! Challenge: Can you spot all the YouTubers in this video?
Feeling inspired? Get started in Warframe TODAY and begin your journey to prepare for the next PC Update: The War Within.

All awesome art and animation by Paul «Otaking77077» Johnson
Written by Edgar Khoo & Tom Jenkins
Additional material and editing by Laura Rankin
Sound Design & Music by Digital Extremes
Special shout out to Reb & Julie ❤️
Ninjas play Warframe FREE on all platforms. Warning: May contain grind. Check it out here:
This is a paid for promotion (but made with love yeah)

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  1. Heh, that beggining so true lol, to think that i used to see a giant cliff and told me "there is no way im gonna be able to jump trough that", nowadays i see a cliff 3 times larger and now im like "there is no way im NOT gonna be able to jump trough that"

  2. My experience of warframe was not getting to fight at all because i get matched up with advanced warframes that just demolish everything in sight and does the objective at the blink of an eye. I dont even get halfway thru the whole damn place im just figuring out where to go and why the marker says go that way when theres nothing… only to realize i was supposed to go in a vent and then extraction pops up, mission complete. What?

  3. The evil dead refrence GROOVY 1:32

  4. 0:17 this is what happens when you give the player every mobility option at the start of the game
    The player fails and learns by doing so
    They build up skill overtime and start training the second they get control of the character
    I wish more games did this but instead they make you sit through grindy boring tutorials and restrict your abilities

  5. 2 years later: finnaly knows how EVERYTHING works in the game

  6. That was amazing!! Truest summary of those first few days 🙂

  7. Basically weeb the game ( no offense to the game I play it too and love it )

  8. Totally Accurate Warframe Simulator~

  9. WTS Max Rank [Ammo Drum] 2k PMOO!!!

  10. Days 1-29

    Painfully accurate

  11. Quite literally.

  12. It's so true

  13. Пиздатт

  14. That’s so cool

  15. 1:18 "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllriiiiiight, hello and welcome."

  16. I couldn’t help but notice that excal never once used his abilities

  17. I need a cartoon series on this, pronto.

  18. Welp just got the switch so it’s time to grind again

  19. This is pretty much exactly how my first few weeks went playing this game. The learning curve of this game is one of the more complex ones but it is so rewarding in the end!

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