$100 Session for Justin T!! Can we find him a BIG WIN??

$100 Session for Justin T!! Can we find him a BIG WIN??

[ad_1] $100 Session for Justin T!! Can we find him a BIG WIN??

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*For winning Tickets over $600 in group books, 31% will be withheld for state and federal taxes (6% State and 25% Federal)
**DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware the playing the lottery (in group books or group buys) is for entertainment purposes only. It DOES NOT guarantee a profit or money back. By entering into these, you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer in it’s entirety and agree with it. Please have fun and remember… to Play Responsibly and Don’t Play EXPECTING to win…Play HOPING to win!!!

~ GA Scratcher [ad_2]

15 комментариев

  1. Nice win

  2. Congrats Justin

  3. Good good blessings to you

  4. How much was that 3 worth

  5. U keep missing numbers LoL have a great night brother

  6. Hi GA Scratcher! Not too bad!

  7. Focus your camera please.

  8. I saw a gold bar at a store I go to and it was a 500 dollar winner.

  9. Always exciting times buddy! We'll see you next time.

  10. Missed a 3

  11. You missed a #3 on the BLOWOUT ticket it was a winner on the second row

  12. Hi GA, Good luck Justin

  13. Over half back my friend. Have a great night GA

  14. I like this $100 session

  15. Good evening Ga. Nice try for Justin. Heard you doing a Mass blowout this weekend. Will there be spots?

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