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100 SPINS! HUGE MEGA BIG WIN! Mysitical Unicorn WMS Slot Machine

100 SPINS! HUGE MEGA BIG WIN! Mysitical Unicorn WMS Slot Machine

[ad_1] Mystical Unicorn — WMS G+ Deluxe 5×4
1¢ Denomination — 50 Lines
Line Bet — $0.01
Total Bet — $0.50

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27 комментариев

  1. More than half those spins were super stinky bad — you showed remarkable restraint in not cussing up a storm at that machine. Kudos to you and congrats.

  2. Great video!!

  3. Nice one.

  4. Just imagine if you had actually bet a decent amount!!!

  5. nice win congrulation you can also subscribe on my chanel i will be very happy thank you

  6. Can I play it or is just video?????


  8. big win but you could get more money just stoping third reel with any key when you see unicorns coming down

  9. Love this game! I hit 100 spins on max bet (2.50) and hit for $3500+

  10. a dream come true my favorite slot

  11. i usually stop it when it gets all the unicorns and i always hit big.

  12. i love this game along with King of Africa great win thanks for sharing

  13. .50 cent bet, what a waste.

  14. Resisting the urge to dislike based on the ANNOYING as hell 'phone ringing' slot sounds in the background… but I just can't bring myself to dislike a 100 free spin round! Congrats!

  15. Awesome!!

  16. Small Money zZzZzzZZzz

  17. I'm commenting at the 81 more spins to go mark….very annoyed that you only got 1.24 out of your first 19 spins how horrible. …

  18. I like it , good video , so cool

  19. This video was in 2014, but I am just now seeing it. What a fantastic win! I just knew you would get the major (dang it)…..It is amazing to read all the negativity and sarcasm in these posts. A win is a win! I would have been elated to win that on 50 cents. Love all your videos! Keep them coming 🙂

  20. Who go's to a casino and bets .50….Lol

  21. All the dead spins…I can see everyone loving this game cuz they can smack it real hard

  22. That was a super great win on a 50 cent bet! Wtg!!

  23. Hand pay

  24. That's a nice win for 50 cent bet but you could of gotten handy if you stop it when the unicorn was in reel.

  25. this is really great congrats  the most i won was 30 dollars

  26. I bet she put it all right back in like a complete LOSER>

  27. Did you stop in or was it a natural stop by itself??

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