£1,000 vs Live Roulette BIG Win???

£1,000 vs Live Roulette BIG Win???

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  1. U went over 4k and then lost it. Wtf

  2. Well, I had my first go at roulette today… never played before and managed to lose a weeks wages in 10 minutes and now I feel such a dick… I can honestly say that it was like the feeling of utter dread with every spin, well before It even landed. lost half my cash so went all in to get even and then instead of quitting once even, I went all in again and lost the lot… no idea why I did that, so I went in the sulks and deleted the app — I don't know how you could take doing this repeatedly

  3. Guys doesn't know how play roulette look at numbers coming in 22 I would stuck 2 on take away 2

  4. Hi mate, bin watching u for a while now, i gamble alot myself in the casino/FOBT's and on combat sports n sports in general ect, and i'm just wondering, how come u hate the FOBT machines so much ???? i do really well off them, obviously, i know it's nothing on what u can win in the casino, mainly cos i have had more money in a night in the cassy than i have in any day(s) in the bookies. did u used to loose all your money on them or something before you discovered the casino ????? just curious that's all matey 🙂

  5. @rocknrolla do you still find gambling fun or isit just a thing to do?

    like me when i gamble now its when im bored and nothing to do lol
    hope you dont mind me asking

  6. Should really spend some time looking into dealer spin patterns if you want to make profit long term.

  7. Unlucky mate

  8. Nothing to do with Luck.

  9. How do you get such huge deposit bonuses? 1000£ 100%. Are you VIP? Or is it because you're an aff?

  10. Please don't make clickbait headlines

  11. Great guy Paul

  12. hard luck Paul. its awfull losing a balance but it's worse losing a lump of hard earned savings. I hate the fobties. iv lost 6500 in the space of 1h.30m playing roulette. same numbers through out and it took the lot without one win. yes its hard to belive I thought the same but that's what happened. A year before that I lost 4k very similar. at the time I was addicted in the fact I chas my losses but collected when I won. I learnt a very hard lesson. them things are rigged no doubt about it. iv never hear of anyone winning large amounts of cash such as 15k 20k but I know they can take it. I decided to give online slots a try and had no luck with that either. since the start of the year iv lost 2k playing online and never had a win over £50 so no cash out. I know it's not loads compared to some but it's still bad. now iv take a long break from it even tho I only gambled with spare money it still hurts. take care mate.

  13. Get them live streams mate they were sick love it when you was on was sound few ronza kappas

  14. Greed causes poverty !!!!But still you're the best !!!!You're as crazy as I. We still win a million .I wish you to win it.

  15. i must say you look out of control here … SLOW it down PAUL there is no race to get where you want to go ???????????????????????? lots of love to you and yours x

  16. Dont think you should allow the Bandit to be a Mod anymore, keeps picking on me. Do this and on your next stream I will give you a mega bonus win.

  17. Forgetting how ugly you are TANMAN

  18. This is a good watch a 1.5x speed haha, especially the reactions

  19. Hey mate, was a b*d run that morning, had a feeling you might have lucked out, I was pretty much same no's as you, smaller stakes though,hope you've grabbed it back since!

  20. because the real rocknrolla….. WANTS THE FUCKING LOT! Gets me every time, love your videos man!

  21. Unlucky matey

  22. Hurry up and stream… I'm not missing you, just the banter in chat haha. Love you really x

  23. I watch this video and see how stupid it looks winning double your balance plus more and then losing it but then the harsh reality last week I was doing the exact same but gambled 12k with not a thought for my family, myself or the consequences of losing such a huge amount of money, it's gutting to see watching somethin like this I can see how bad it looks but when I'm doing it myself I'm so in the zone ine of my sections defo gonna next spin just one £900 spin before you know it you have lost everything you have ever worked for, gambling is cancer, hope you don't ever end up in the situation I'm in, I've lost nearly everything before I've realised I have a very bag gambling addiction

  24. hahaha .. I thinks its cuz I know you too well.. we deserve something special tho.. the mrs asked me yesterday why do I never see you watching youtube shouting get the fudge in there nymore hahahah

  25. That dealer is so annoying, chatting shit. Anyway unlucky Paul my friend.

  26. Wenger out

  27. ahh bummer man, you'll get em next time

  28. Get playing that Double ball paul, try and repet that 700 win i got 😉

  29. unlucky mate. my downfall is the roulette. i used to play heavy (£1000 a spin) and when i went to re deposit and came back id maybe missed two spins and my numbers were there looking at me in the history. ive never won more than 6k on roulette in my life but lost 3 times that amount in one sitting in a casino in liverpool in 1997. the actual number was 17k. never done anything as large as that since but still spend more than id like to. ive tried everything from counselling to hypnosis to stop and although im not cured im in much more of a controlled state when i choose to play. maybe its just because im older and wiser i seem less likely to lose large amounts. i was so close to losing my sanity as a direct result of playing the monster that is roulette. i know i will always be an addicted gambler and realise that all i can hope for is to control it. be careful mate, your only young and over a time period it will always get you. take care paul.

  30. paul for the next stream . the comeback stream .. you should get loads of bonuses lined up for th fans that have been waiting so long hahah

  31. paul, tomorrow are you going to live stream??

  32. are u ever gonna do another stream paul??

  33. get the fudge in there for next time

  34. Paul , we need those streams back

  35. you tried! every video you post is another day closer to your next stream …get in haha

  36. fuck the fobts ha

  37. another loss video ….stale

  38. its not your fault its just change in the back pocket

  39. Are you not streaming anymore Paul?

  40. i miss his live streams 🙁

  41. Hi Paul! We all love you. #TierForTheWin

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