100k HIGH STAKES WIN! Best Stream Ever?! (Part 2/2)

100k HIGH STAKES WIN! Best Stream Ever?! (Part 2/2)

[ad_1] This is the second part of the craziest stream of my life so far. I hope you guys enjoy, and if you havent seen the first part then click here:

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  1. Even I have never seen it and will never happen… ur just like me taking high risk with what ever I have
    I have lost so much man plz give me some 20$

  2. just lost another 100 euro, 4th time this week, not going above 100 euro that i put in once, im not too sure about these vids here. how come i never get anything huh. feels pretty strange how you can live off it.

  3. These streamers guys have a casino deal. They dont play own money. Same thing here In Finland. Dont be a fool.sorry my bad english.

  4. Can I get 600$

  5. Feels like commercial for casino gaming. Its not normal to win this much so often for one person. Maybe im wrong but the truth is that some people actually does this to promote onlinegambling

  6. I usually just listen to your videos, couldn't place your accent (Sounded similar to Australian, but slightly different.)

    You living in NZ would explain it! Very similar accents.

  7. guess what folks
    He is probbaly paid by the casinos to stage theese extreme winning sprees

  8. New sub here from uk .can't belive what i just witnessed. Now gonna have to watch more of your up loads when i should b sleeping ha x

  9. what website is this?

  10. wait is this justin bieber

  11. Glad this inst legal in the US. I can see a lot of people ruining their lives over this shit.. Really crazy you can sit in your living room and blow that kind of money… really nuts.. But with that being sad, great video was a lot of fun to watch it!

  12. Best actor in the World

  13. Thats a sick video lol

  14. Nice play as you own the game dude rigged

  15. Sickest Cunt ever! LOVE IT!

  16. Davo good show bruv 🙂 man i love watching you go hard!! Obviously its all a gamble and could easy have gone the other way .. but.. fuck yeah.. doing the boys proud! Good luck on the punt 🙂

  17. These companies have to know who the streamers are, and sprinkle in some goodies to entice. I mean hell, thats the best advertising, especially if the streamer has no clue.

  18. The fuck did I just watch, roshtein has been dethroned lol!

  19. can we repeat this tonight davo?

  20. 16:58 for the good blackjack hands

  21. This is crazy just beyond crazy i cannot imagine winning that much 😮 that would be a life changing win if i would have that amount

  22. What's the song at 3:00

  23. Delirmiş olmalısın

  24. Dude you"Re DoOMeD

  25. SHUDDA JUS STAYED on the tower

  26. U legend davo

  27. That 30k blackjack was absolutely mad.

  28. Teach sodapoppin

  29. Robbing the casino except they are giving it to you… Wow… Check there fucking skulls…
    I woukd have no problem walking at 50k… Wow….

    No point in stopping when your wining… Bla k Jack and slots are the two things I will not play unless I've Don good at craps or poker first…

    It's your luckiest win ever…

  30. 4:37 sounds like you got a orgasm

  31. Amazing!

  32. get the dog

  33. Don't need another gambling vid — this is best of all time.

  34. omfg.. some people are just so darn lucky -.. ive spented loads, never won anything at all!! — Wtf is a good gamling site uk ? lol

  35. What a run well done mate took some balls to carry on them big bets

  36. What site you play those slots on , mad video btw bro

  37. dafuuuq davooo i just keep deadspinning…….cheers mate

  38. Outfukinrageous

  39. My brother that was absolutely fucking sick!!! Well done!!

  40. where do you get all this money. Did you rob a bank or something?

  41. Gluttony at its finest

  42. Total bs

  43. legend has it you can still hear him creaming to this day

  44. Get his mom

  45. Dis guy has a problem dat we all had we had we jss had way lower stakes

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