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  1. I'm a new subscriber I saw u on my notification on YouTube so I had to watch an sub

  2. That's a nice win not big

  3. That's awesome! I also just won 100 on that game like 10 min ago! I got the gem for 50 and 2 matching numbers for 25 each! On that red jackpot game I have gotten the money bag once, the 10x once and the money stack and 2x about 20 times! Every time I've gotten the 2x it's always been 10.00. There has to be a 50.00 under that 2x but I just can't seem to find it

  4. Nice Win Czar

  5. Awesome win

  6. Healthy win, brother! C-NOTE in your pocket even if only 1 is nice.

  7. Yeah was wishing you luck

  8. Nice 10X symbol, Scratcher Czar!

  9. I do hate it when you say it’s a big win but it’s only $100 winner

  10. nice find on that ticket Czar

  11. Ill be in indiana this monday. Labor day. Were going to shipshawanna. What tickets should i buy?

  12. 100 dollars is not a big win ……..

  13. Congrats boss!

  14. Glad u had a profit today. U do very well with placing your tickets . I see them very well.u don’t have to say all the numbers in the play area. But I do like hearing your voice.Thanks for sharing.

  15. Cool awesome

  16. Good win

  17. Nice Win! Good Luck Always!

  18. 10X! That's what I'm talkin' about!!

  19. Congratulations

  20. Good win on that ticket!

  21. I've hit the 250 once.

  22. Nice win my friend

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