16 Free Games | Fu Dao Le High Limit Slot Machine | Big Win!

16 Free Games | Fu Dao Le High Limit Slot Machine | Big Win!

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one of the requests we received was for the game Fu Dao Le! Forgive me for mispronouncing it so many times! We’ve seen many people play the 1 cent denomination, so we figured we’d play the 5 cent version to mix it up! The Fu Dao Le slot machine is a great machine to play, and you need the 3 gongs in order to trigger the bonus games as always.

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Good Fortune is always welcome in this game, and it can automatically trigger a good line hit when you see this in the old school reel machines. The video screens are a bit different in the bonus games.

We achieved 16 free games during this bonus round, and made the most of it! It triggered on a $14 bet and we made a nice splash during this bonus game on our slot channel.

Who’s Getting Lucky

Jeff was playing at the Gold Coast casino, and betting $2 a push on video Keno! And he hit an awesome handpay jackpot!

If you would like your «slot play» or «jackpot handpay» to be featured in one of our videos we will need the following:

1: Photo of you with your slot play or jackpot handpay

2: Details on your photo: EX: Where were you at? What machine were you on?

3: If you have a YouTube channel or social media page please provide link as I will give you a shout out.

4: Send everything to ladyluckhqslots@gmail.com

5. Give us written consent to use your picture or content you sent over. I will email you and notify you if you have been chosen to be featured in, «WHO’s GETTING LUCKY» Video link announcing, «WHO’S getting LUCKY» segment. [ad_2]

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  1. Right thats it I'm not your friend anymore all those delicious cakes at the end made me so jealous plus the coffee nice win as well

  2. Another fun to watch video

  3. Awesome bonus!! Nice little breakfast too!!! I'm an egg freak, can egg them everyday!

  4. So much funnnnnnnnn

  5. That was an awesome run , great job and great video!!!

  6. Nice win! Congrats! The dude sounds like he's a high roller want-a-be with the big bets. Take the winnings and run girl!!!

  7. I love the freaky Oriental music on this game. Bang a gong!! For some reason I now feel like ordering a Chinese takeaway!!

  8. OMG great session, and oh my looking beautiful as always

  9. Yes. I enjoy it #LadyLuckHq

  10. a very nice "offensively big win" as your husband would say…..

  11. You always win because u guys stay positive and are good people!!

  12. Love it when you hum to sounds of the machine! Nice session girl!!

  13. Love your videos also nice game to play

  14. Big kisss…lady

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