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  1. No idea with the Ace on the end — most likely just a visual bug again (Visual bug has been seen on other BTG before)

  2. fuckers even get more free cash

  3. Be My Angel as the Heartstopper is massively overrated. In terms of symbol frequency, at best (with 9's) it's 2 symbols better than the standard bonus (46 instances as opposed to 44). Otherwise, it is pretty much just an average Be My Angel bonus (around 38-42 symbols on reels 2-5).

  4. fake money?

  5. How much money you have?

  6. On your second bonus i saw u only had 2 scatters? So only 2 to trigger bonus? Bonus must be easy to get then

  7. Love your vids mate shame I cant get a bit win just played bonanza for 3 hours one bonus 1.5x shocking

  8. Great win mate, Will be trying this on Low Stakes as its out at most casinos now

  9. Fake

  10. So bugged this game, not for the first time for big time gaming. They really need to sort their shit out as it’s costing them while people are not playing because of the bugs. Big time gaming have really good down since they released holy diver

  11. Surely that's illegal. It shows you a win so they have to pay you it?

  12. nice wins buddy congrats !

  13. Another BTG visual bug. They seem to do this lately. Someone should call them and tell them to get their shit sorted. Oh, and Moritz, tell them I wanna see 117k megaways in the bonus on bonanza

  14. Missed the ace at the end?

  15. so what about the ace win?

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