£200 Double or nothing Spiderman slot — BIG WIN!!!

£200 Double or nothing Spiderman slot — BIG WIN!!!

[ad_1] £5 per spin! Of all the features this is the one I’ve had the least luck on but does the job today! I’ll be coming back to this one to get a different feature! [ad_2]

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  1. this picks are always pre-determined. Most picks on machines are. The only thing that doesn't seem to be a pre-determined value is free spins because it has to draw the spin from the RNG.

  2. is that times two.. no wait is that times two.. no

  3. try to clear your pc history wont be slow

  4. Nice winner.. Spider-Man is an awesome slot. Off £1/£1.25 spins I've had £550 (the reactive versus games where you get the free games up to X5 but then get taken away and given again) and £400 on multiple bonus 🙂

  5. word of advice mate, try minimizing the browser and just having the game window open and it should run mint

  6. How about investing some of that money you clearly have too much of into a better equipment. The slots appear really laggy on your recordings. Whether they're laggy or not when you're playing them I can't tell, but it's hardly enjoyable to watch 10fps slot games being played.

  7. I play 50 pound a spin and it really does matter which one you pick.

  8. Can you cash out of this site?

  9. these machines are designed to make u lose…

  10. iv'e had 600x on the ultimate fight bonus for not finding any pumpkins so it does have potential

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