$25 MAX BET JACKPOT HAND PAY BONUS + BIG WINS on The King and the Sword Casino Slot Machine Video

$25 MAX BET JACKPOT HAND PAY BONUS + BIG WINS on The King and the Sword Casino Slot Machine Video

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24 комментария

  1. 11:40 is when bonus begins

  2. Another great win

  3. Nice,,new friend bk plz…

  4. Wtf… retard.

  5. U have a sexy voice

  6. Fake as hell stick your computer up your fake ass

  7. Try kronos with such a bet. Those games are not worth the 25$ a spin.

  8. This is a laptop!! Why are you posting fake wins!!! ????

  9. Can't be stopped lol

  10. Stopping the reels like that doesn't change the outcome of the payout. These are computers, and regardless of you stopping the reels or not, the payout is determined from the moment you pushed the spin button. Very boring to watch when you stop the machine like that.

  11. stop stopping the reels mfer

  12. Holy hell, awesome hit, keep up the great videos!

  13. i love wms machines see if you can do videos playing either napoleon and josephine max bet or mystical worlds
    nice hand pay btw

  14. why would you stop the game like that let it run

  15. CRAZY to play this game at $25 a spin. It is one of THE toughest WMS Deluxe series games I've ever played. It's super volatile and most of the time doesnt ever pay shit. A safer and probably better investment would be to play the unicorn or lion game at $25 a spin. Your going to hit that full screen at 500x about 10 times at many times as you will ever hit 3 columns of wilds that ALL multiply with a good symbol in this game.

  16. YOU RISK 1000 euro you are a extreme person

  17. nice hit but to bad that not during the bonus lol

  18. Is this online or at a local bar? Not sure how casino's are set up in Europe! Great win btw!

  19. Awesome hit!

  20. Awesome liveplay and win ! Could you do this on King of Africa or unicorn ? Would be awesome

  21. so you won 1300 euro whahah thats like nothing at all

  22. nice win

  23. Good hit but should have been better than that on a $25 bet..I've won a lot more just on a $3.00 bet.

  24. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ awsome $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ good for you ………………………

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