25c denom HIGH LIMIT BIG WIN! Aristocrat Lightning Link Bonus Slot machine pokie

25c denom HIGH LIMIT BIG WIN! Aristocrat Lightning Link Bonus Slot machine pokie

[ad_1] @ Bellagio they offer a high limit lightning link

can play up to $250 a spin on $1 denom

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  1. bet she's a nasty girl in bed lol sounds like it

  2. The fact you feel the need to bet $12.50 a spin just shows how bad your addiction is and we can all guess how much you've lost

  3. get raja on to these

  4. never seen 25 cent game

  5. My god! You have a very filthy mouth!

  6. Are any videos of the $1 denom? And what are the mini and minor for those? Thanks

  7. swearing toooooo much…. bored

  8. The high limit Lightning Link version looks sick.  Nice hit, was routing for you to hit at least that Major

  9. Wtg Derek! Doubled your investment!

  10. Every person going broke always breaks the spin button

  11. I've never seen them in that kind of denomination before!

  12. Hell yeah. Congrats.

  13. great win congratulations sir

  14. Sweet win man! Is quarters the lowest denom on that? Would be great for a group high limit pull.

  15. It seems like ur having sex with the slot machine and when the coin drops thats when ur getting ur slotgasm hahaha.. just kidding i just hate the listening to ur swearing

  16. Give it to momma to buy a pair of shoes, lol Amy! Great vid Derek!

  17. I wonder what the major maxes out at? $10k?

  18. Nice win…Hit and run on that game

  19. "no, you're bad luck!" hahahaha — very nice! I've not been able to hit this at $12.50…

  20. This is extremely tempting. and addictive.

  21. What is the major and min amount on the dollar bet?

  22. I shit myself lol. u and your wife hilarious

  23. Excellent!!!! Dude you crack me up!!! You are too funny!!! Glad to see you winning!!!

  24. F$cken sweet!

  25. AWESOME!! Love that your Credit showed 1 spin left and you hit that GREAT BONUS!!! Just goes to show it's NEVER OVER till its OVER 🙂 Congrats!!!!!!!

  26. $12.50 per spins was really works !! Nice win D !!

  27. great bonus, i did play this at .10 for the first time at bellagio when i went last trip — got the bonus but didnt pay a ton


  29. Nice win!! and it was fun!! Thank you.

  30. jesus, $1 lightning link high limit… good lord lol

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