2CELLOS — Chariots of Fire [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

2CELLOS — Chariots of Fire [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing Titles from Chariots of Fire by Vangelis with London Symphony Orchestra.

Video by Darko Drinovac


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  1. The beautiful violinists who play well instrument with a lot of love,this song is a place,very relaxing. I congratulations you

  2. 도쿄올림픽

  3. An instrumental classic … forever.

  4. In india two beach like this in Andaman &Nicobar rose n smith

  5. Magnifique thème de la B.O.F. de Vangelis revisité par ces deux grands violoncellistes de talent et le "London Symphonie Orchestra"

  6. Muito linda esta versão. Compacta de harmonia e beleza musical!

  7. Es la mejor música para Relajarte y tener un placentero descanso te ase olvidar todo los malos Ratos del dia

  8. Tribute to Vangelis ! Still he is the best ! This cover is good but I prefer the original !

  9. When i hear this music it reminds me of olympics. I dont know why. Am i the only one?

  10. make me fall in love with string instruments

  11. Isn't Chariots of Fire one of the biggest meme songs?

  12. am I only one hearing the whispering?

  13. What kind of idiots run in jeans?

  14. This looks like a dream! So gorgeous!! XD

  15. I Love Your Work. This Song Helps Me With Taking My Mind Off Of My Physical Pain. There Are Other Songs That Help Me With My Emotional Pain. Thanks Guys. You Guys Are The Best.

  16. That place look beautiful

  17. There Is Nothing Quite Like Two Gorgeous Guys Bringing Music To My Ears In An Outdoor Setting With The Elements. Does It Get Any Better. You Guys Are The Best. You Take My Breath Away. Thanks Guys.

  18. Zihuatanejo…

  19. Does anyone realize the beauty of this music?

  20. My beautifull Croatia ❤


  22. Die schönste Landzunge der Welt

  23. Bangladesh ❤

  24. Magically

  25. luv luv

  26. very nice

  27. We are waiting for you in Russia, Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny!!!

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