$30 — $10,000,000 BIG WIN!!! CASH Lottery Scratch Off instant win tickets BIG WIN!!! — Episode 35

$30 — $10,000,000  BIG WIN!!!  CASH Lottery Scratch Off instant win tickets BIG WIN!!! — Episode 35

[ad_1] «Cat Scratching with Holly» , we scratch lottery tickets with the hope of winning enough to buy cat food for Holly the Bengal cat to eat. — BIG WIN!! On a $30 instant ticket! ***By the way, the «Multiplier» on the first card was a «1», we realized we did not scratch it on the video after we were done. Please Subscribe! [ad_2]

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  1. Nice win!! Love watching your kitties and your scratching!

  2. Aww your kitties are so cute!I have a tuxedo cat named Pepper who was also a rescue and like little miss Jillybean she is not the friendliest cat but we love her anyhow!

  3. I scratch tickets exactly the same way. I don't like to see the prize until I win! Congratulations.

  4. Im a new subscriber awesome video gave you a like.

  5. Great luck man I love your videos

  6. At the end Win… Awsome

  7. I just hit $500 on a Take 5 scratch off.

  8. Send me some tickets

  9. you forgot the multiplier on the six dollar win

  10. that's gonna be one fat cat

  11. Ny lottery was gonna come out with a $50 scratch off but it got shot down in the legislation

  12. you didn't scratch the multiple box on the top right corner of the 3 dollar ticket

  13. Meow

  14. bonus box ????

  15. I have 4 Bengals, absolutely love the breed. all their quirk are lovely apart from khaleesi's habit of sitting in the toilet lol

  16. Oh it's she I'm sorry well you better treat her good

  17. Holly your are lucky boy you get eat something for tonight for sure pray for the big one next time probably they will get you a lobster

  18. She's beautiful.

  19. The lottery isn't the same! 500 dollar winners on 5 and Ten dollar tickets
    . Not anymore your lucky if u win back what your spent.

  20. holly so adorable

  21. poor video when it's not complete..

  22. scratch the bonus….

  23. nice win

  24. Hi

  25. run far away holly hiss and and scratch

  26. ??? what about the multiplier

  27. yay for holly!! lol

  28. What was the multiplier?

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