[$30 Ticket] My Biggest win of my LIFE! $10,000,000 BANKROLL — CA SCRATCH OFF LOTTERY TICKETS

[$30 Ticket] My Biggest win of my LIFE! $10,000,000 BANKROLL — CA SCRATCH OFF LOTTERY TICKETS

[ad_1] [$30 Ticket] My Biggest win of my LIFE! $10,000,000 BANKROLL — CA SCRATCH OFF LOTTERY TICKETS

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Thank you, for stopping by! My name is Lawson and I upload scratch tickets videos from Illinois. I do a collaboration with my brother (Ed) in which he sends me their scratch videos from Massachusetts. Join us in the hunt for awesome lottery wins and the Jackpot treasure!

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  1. Wtchat bugy

  2. I don’t believe you! I assume you’re working for the lottery?!

  3. Nasty,,,and amateur guy.

  4. Good win, but please buy a clipboard and phone holder/mount….lol.

  5. Kids

  6. Forgot 27…


    Thanks to (rickmorrow30 on IG) on Instagram.. He did a hacked transfer for me and sent me over 500btc he is very legit and reliable

  8. You missed 27

  9. Can I please have the last 5:36 of my life back. Jesus Christ

  10. You know when a game is completely rigged and lame when people say 250$ is a HUGE prize lol

  11. Great win I love it..

  12. Probably figured this out when you cahsed it, but the cash symbol was win all 30 prizes, was it 500 or more?

  13. Nice video. We liked and subscribed. We have a channel scratching tickets too. Check us out.

  14. Missed 27

  15. Awesome job! I followed and liked!

  16. I love him

  17. The 27 a gain bravo

  18. Congrats Yay! I just started my channel I am excited!

  19. 27

  20. Big win! I love it! I liked and subscribed to follow more great wins from you!

  21. Lol, maybe you can afford a clipboard now?

  22. Nice win brother!! I also hit 250$ on the bankroll ticket last week best of luck hope you hit the claimers !!

  23. Nice win profit time congrats no I know you have a nice day and maybe next time you’re find a bigger winner good luck to you and keep on scratching

  24. Nice win, congrats! New sub here..

  25. Wow niiice win there! Keep up the good luck!

  26. U missed 27

  27. Big Bucks, No Whammy's

  28. Nice $250 win . I love those I have one 250 3 times on those tickets and a $1000 on a ticket.since they have came out. Keep winning good luck

  29. Yeahh buddy!!! That's what I'm talking about..

  30. Sweet win!

  31. What was 27 worth?!

  32. nice hit!

  33. Congratulations!

  34. Congrats! Nice big boom boom boom!

  35. Awesome $250 win man. We just Subscribed so be sure to do the same. We just started a channel and upload fresh content weekly so be sure to Subscribe to Thelottomandan. Good luck with your channel.

  36. Wait you never hit more than 200? This is so disappointing

  37. Nice I won $250 once on the CA Millions

  38. You had 27 as a match aswell

  39. Thought this channel had a 10k mass winner

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