300 SHIELDS LEVEL 5 MEGA BIG WIN!! ( Online Slots & Casino )

300 SHIELDS LEVEL 5 MEGA BIG WIN!! ( Online Slots & Casino )

[ad_1] 300 SHIELDS LEVEL 5 MEGA BIG WIN!! Its always nice to leave the room and come back to a big bonus, without even realising your on free spins!!

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23 комментария

  1. there is only 4 lvls wtf

  2. fuck off u hav another screen in the next room

  3. Nice, never hit 300, usually 5 or 25

  4. MEGA BIG VIN!!!!,.. so stupid chicken,.

  5. You may be wondering why your channel is still so small, you guys are awesome however fruity slots will never be well known the videos are far too unrealistic, majority are just wins and popular streamers always promote the dark side of gambling your channel doesn't at all. Mix it up there's one loss video of 4k but loads of massive wins it simply doesn't happen to most. Peace.

  6. The chair won, not the human.

  7. Sukin sin

  8. Nice! I had my biggest win ever on that slot. $12.50 bet free spins got to the 300 times level also and won 1000X just over $12,500 😮

  9. Nice win, with it can you invest in a decent PC lol

  10. Very nice

  11. great game #firstmillionroad

  12. gratz dude 🙂

  13. and i can spell best ….you add an "s" zzz

  14. nice one ya bell end :)………miss your evening live streams but bet of luck to you pair of nutters 🙂

  15. Classic fruity slots not a fucking scooby on what's going on….but that's y I love ya xxxx

  16. One day i will come back from the…….


  17. haha didnt have a clue what was going on nice win wd

  18. The best part about this is you didnt know what the fuck was going on lol love it!

  19. Had the 300x twice. First time deadspinned all 5 spins. I quit the game for a year nearly. Then I went back and got another 300x that only paid 350x. this game kills me.

  20. Good job you didn't have a number 2???? Lol!!! Nice one boys

  21. Is the stream from yesterday not going up m8

  22. Nice hit! 🙂

  23. What time are you streaming mate?

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