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  1. Now to see mom's win! Congratulations ❤️

  2. You have great skin

  3. Big win — huh !

  4. I live in erie pa  Diana  n u bein from ohio  probly heard about this town

  5. We always watch for you and your new Videos …Live for the Fun,…We are with You !!

  6. Wed is better
    Keep being you

  7. grats on the win

  8. wow i just subsctibed to karls channell how funny

  9. wow live stream im available wenday 6pm good luck

  10. Do it Tuesday night because Brian does it Wednesday

  11. Congrats on your milestone Diana and your MegaBucks win. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Congrats Diana

  13. Apparently I'm blind too! I was searching around the screen for how much the line paid and never noticed until you pointed it out!! Congrats on 30k Diane! 🙂 x

  14. do you live in vegas you always play there lol

  15. 30,000+ subs! Congrats Diana on all those subs!! I'm a lil behind w. my viewing. Look forward to your first live stream event when that happens! 🙂

  16. Tuesday 9 pm

  17. Headed to Vegas today! Hope I get lots of luck and fun like you have. It's no wonder you have so many subs. Congrats you're always sweet & exciting to watch!

  18. congrats diana you are great

  19. Congrats Diana!!! Love watching your videos! Lots of luck

  20. hey Diana, my wife and I enjoy your videos. good stuff. we will be in Vegas may 30-june 2, staying at the Cosmo. maybe we will see you there.

  21. congrats Diana!

  22. Congrats Diana For 30K subscribers

  23. Big Big Congrats on 30K subs Diana !!!!

  24. Congrats Diana! love your Videos

  25. go diana pick what day is good for you but make it interesting play different games not just one livestream rules get a handpay

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