40 Free Spins on Pharaoh’s Fortune + Retrigger BIG WIN — 5c Video Slots

40 Free Spins on Pharaoh’s Fortune + Retrigger  BIG WIN — 5c Video Slots

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  1. I have a love hate relationship with this game!!!

  2. How can we get our rewatds

  3. Good one guy…you were close to a monster win a few different times..,tks for sharing.

  4. You need to learn to stop it . Once the wilds fall on the left push the stop button quick . Iv won a grand playing that way on that game with pennies

  5. $700 is good win !

  6. dang good thing I don't get motion sickness that camera keeps moving how long you been making videos for??

  7. the rela time of cousine and paper follow

  8. holy shit

  9. dont yu wish yu could do that all the time

  10. omg omg I win jajajjajajajajajaj

  11. WOW great hit!!!!

  12. is picking the right boxes matter or does the machine already knows how many spins and multipliers it's going to give you when you hit your first tile?

  13. Andrea bocelli is greatest singer this side if heaven in my humble opinion can't wait to see him it
    My first concert in dec in philly

  14. ayo shat lavner!

  15. what is 14, 000 credits worth in cash?

  16. Good luck

  17. Enjoy the vids but hope to see you upgrade your camera soon. Nice bonus 🙂

  18. Amazing win!

  19. I Am A new player

  20. I Am A new player

  21. Smart bet strategy. Hard to find games that still do this with the free spins.

  22. I love this game but haven't won

  23. I played that game with 20 lines. $4.00 max bet and hit the bonus. Re triggered and by the end, I was up over $1300 in just a couple mins. It gets exciting when this machines pay.

  24. the best one I ever got, and I wished I had filmed it, was at Viejas, I was playing max, (3.00) and got 22 spins and 6x multiplier….it retriggered and I won a jackpot of 2480…it was the most fun I have ever had on this game….

  25. Yea but if u the first 3 lines the right way playing 20 lines u get a x2 for initiating lines not 13

  26. Who hell plays 13 lines

  27. id be like ok i just won 10,000 dollars escuse me miss id like to have my money now i i think im done now can you get someone to get my 10,000 dollars if that be possible i got 20 free spins and i got 10000 dollars now not to be a royal pain but it my birthday and id like to go home now with my 10,000 dollars please

  28. Love papito Kelvin Collins Bebe respect okay Love

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