40k bet live blackjack big win

40k bet live blackjack big win

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  1. I think the casino might have just called in the third guy that works for them, at the 110k bet to fuck up the order…looks too suspicious

  2. Nice to see how fast u can loose averything u won and more…

  3. Is the K Swedish Krona???!!!!

  4. Most likely a different currency where $1 is the equivalent to 1,000

  5. dumbasses

  6. Looks like a BJ tournament.

  7. They don't burn a card I love it I've made thousands online

  8. He just lost 110k wtf was he thinking

  9. Skint prick

  10. Fake because it said low balance need to deposit money into your account. 😀

  11. No table limit LMAO $105 bet and $40k bet HAHAHA

  12. you definitely should have titled this "80k blackjack bet" instead because technically thats actually what he did and it definitely would have gotten you more views

  13. It's not really that much it's just there courancy

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