5 Dragons: Another Big Win!

5 Dragons: Another Big Win!

[ad_1] 5 Dragons Deluxe — I pick the mystery dragon — and get rewarded. I PRAY for the one time I can get 25 games with 15x, 30x, and 40x. 😀 THAT will be a fun video… [ad_2]

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  1. which casino location? vegas or jersey?

  2. meow meow meow LOL

  3. Watch us aussies play this, max bet in local pubs and clubs is $6 and you can bet over $100 in casinos.

  4. very nice im gonna play this for sure ! this is why i love yt 

  5. No — not the game (I know the game is 5 Dragon's) — but what CASINO was this at?  I'd like to play this game — if I find it in Vegas.

  6. What casino in Vegas is this?

  7. hi mate i picked the mystery one today got it on a $1.50 hit gave me X10,X15,X30 20 games got a 6 retriggers in it but only got one decent pay out of all those 5 Phoenix X15 collected $1000 out of it but that one spin was worth $750 rest of the features only paid about $100 dollars lol still happy cuz I won a fair amount going to bank the cash tommorow before I put it all back in bad habit of mine nice vids btw Paul

  8. Kick butt bonus.

  9. Nice bonus — congrats. I still haven't even gotten the bonus. LOL

  10. Nice bonus, thanks for sharing.

  11. Love this video — great demo of how that mystery works. What a fun game and nice win Brent!

  12. Hey Big Daddy: The first one gives you a random number of games, and a random set of multipliers. So you can pick the devil you know: like 25 games with 2x, 3x and 5x; to 6 games with multipliers of 15x, 30x, and 40x, or anything in between. So the more games you pick, the less your multipliers. So picking the Mystery Dragon gives you any combo of those other dragons. Theoretically you could get 25 games with 15x, 30x, & 40x. Of course you could also get only 6 games w/ the worst multipliers.

  13. NICE BRENT!!!!

  14. Very Nice!! What does picking the first one do for you? I see that it's 13 games? What, is the multiplier random or something??

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