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  1. What casino was this?

  2. alot of the reputable bing game web sites will credit you free money to help start you play, i turned 35 into 270 the last week this link shows you how PLAY83.COM

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  3. @fcueorq
    so many people think the same. Finding the right casino is key. I always use this one because I know its awesome. I banked a ton with these guys. Sign up here => bit.ly/Q06l7f?=jpbxof

  4. nice, i love this machine, got 5 aces @ x30 and 5 of the dragon thing at x10 @$1.50 bets last night for a collect of just over a grand.

  5. Great

  6. @holynah9 thats if it comes up problem with choosing 10 games is most of the time it pays nothing but if it pays then it pays good lol his got other vids where he chose 10 games and got the big one I usually play 10 games won $1,250 last nite of this game $1.50 hits 5 fish X30 then kept a grand and tryed to win more with the remainder otherwise if I stay longer then I will lose it all

  7. sorry didn't mean to push dislike button

  8. @slosstitute im guessing what @penisrapt0r is meaning is that it is 4 x 5 Nines, and 4 x 5 Jacks, dues to the double up on the reels with the substitute.
    Take the Nines for example:
    The possible spins it pays are (S = Substitute)
    9 S S S 9, 9 9 S S 9, 9 9 S 9 9, and 9 S S 9 9
    So because each of those combinations use the substitute, all are subject to the x10 multiplier.
    Make sense?

  9. LOL….. penisrapt0r calls us idiots and spells idiots wrong….

  10. gamble!!!

  11. iam from oak flats

  12. @emily33nsw is that were your from?

  13. it maybe shellharbour

  14. where abouts in wollongong is this?

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