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[ad_1] This is 5 Dragons Grand slot machine bonus wins with super big win line hit with progressive jackpot wheel bonus rounds.

This was crazy fun play.. I started with $100 and got bonuses often but it was so hard to reach $100.
I’m glad it worked out at the end and we took out $600 profit from it.

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  1. what casino in Atlantic City has this game?

  2. What cadino in Atlantic City has this game

  3. That was not worth showing on here!

  4. Not really played slots for a while, But watching your latest slots leaves me with one question WTF happened to decent payouts, seems like lots of bells and whistles these days with low pays? Or am I wrong?

  5. Great win bro,Fishes line jit was very nice ,Congrats !!!

  6. Omg Blueheart you're so funny!!! Great win enjoy the videos. Thanks for sharing & good luck!!

  7. Good one Blue! One of my few gripes with this slot is the bet size, they could have made it 50 credits or something otherwise I do still give it a try here and there.

  8. You finally broke $100.  None of those earlier wins were bad — just not what you are used to, and in the end you had over $300 to take home.  Lots of progressives, some nice line hits … I enjoy watching your games.

  9. Nice

  10. I don't play this game. It's far too volatile. Yes you can get a big win, but it's so incredibly rare on this machine.

  11. oh, Mr. Blue, seems like your line hits were better than bonus! But, you came back and played more, and finally got your money!!! Will need to try this one for sure!!

  12. Three times I thought you were going to Hit that Grand! Nice wins!

  13. Super big win!!!! Love it but that slot does not love me!

  14. Finally you got something good. Nice win Mr . Blue.

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