[ad_1] My biggest win on the 5 Frogs slot machine so far…over a 300x win! I always choose the mystery choice bonus as the potential is always high. Most of the time, it doesn’t work out though…This time around, I was awarded with 27 spins. The amount was VERY IMPORTANT! There are a few good big wins and it ends on a very great note!

Slot Machine: 5 Frogs [Super Feature] Slot Machine by Aristocrat
Denom: 1c (penny)
Total Bet: $2.00


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Thanks and Good Luck!!!! -kbr [ad_2]

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  4. I never have that kind of luck on this machine.

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  7. I hope to plat it one day, thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Its strange it didnt remove some lower multipliers. Does it just not do that on the super bonus every time? congrats none the less!

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  10. I guess I'll have to give that game another sniff.

  11. what a waste, so nice picture but choose wrong frog. should choose x10

  12. Awesome Win! Congrats.

  13. $$$Get money, get paid$$$

  14. AWESOME WIN! Congrats!

  15. Cant see what the times by amount is as he keeps the camera too low

  16. I need a win like this in this game !

  17. "Howzit?!"

    Reminds me of being back in Hawaii.

  18. Fair play man nice win how do u keep winning tho how much would u start of playing with

  19. You should always play the max on the slots. If it hits, you'll be golden!

  20. I never heard of this slot . It pays well . Congrats

  21. Amazing!!!!!!!

  22. hell ya that was sick

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