5 Frogs Slot Machine Bonus BIG WIN w/$6 Bet | BEST MYSTERY CHOICE EVER | 28 Games w/10x/15x/40x

5 Frogs Slot Machine Bonus BIG WIN w/$6 Bet | BEST MYSTERY CHOICE EVER | 28 Games w/10x/15x/40x

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  1. Very nice big win! Congrats. Never played this version. I had played its sister, with poor wins. I'm just waiting to go back to work so when I can I'm going to another casino that is superior than the local one. I already have a few slots in mind that I want to play on. ^_^ Anyways keep on sharing your slot machine adventures. These are awesome.

  2. Best channel ever! Keep it up brother!

  3. Thanks 4 sharing! Blessings!

  4. Maybe if you quit stopping it constantly you'ld make more money on your bonuses

  5. Man that sucks, that bonus had so much potential!

  6. You got robbed by that game. Play better games next time, that one was piss poor

  7. Plz what do you do for a living besides playing slots. How do you make all the money you have to play slots with?? You spend so much bro.

  8. Awesome

  9. Nice play bro!

  10. Welcome to my world…I never get handpays when I think I will…

  11. That should not have gone down like that, but at least it gave you something. I have never gotten the Super Feature. Love the music lol

  12. Be happy with a $555 return against a $6 bet. I consider anything 20 times the bet or higher as a successful bonus. Then again, I don't know whether you were up or down for your trip. Good luck, man.

  13. You're pumping out some serious content!!! Great job, NG!! You'll be hitting 100k subs in no time!

  14. Best mystery choice hit I've ever seen great multipliers with 28 free games thankfully the 27th spin paid. Dead spins suck!!!

  15. can anyone tell me the theme song played at the start of his Video

  16. This is like one of those so lucky and yet kind of unlucky! The first thing is that the 10x should have been eliminated! Although thankfully you got the Jacks or it would have been a complete bust-out. Still, cool to see, along with the "Lucky Feature" — I always love the music in this one!

  17. That was a bs bonus NG. I was hoping you get a handpay. bari lus!!

  18. No handpay but still a good bonus….thank you NG

  19. fir….. actually I dont give a shit. gl though

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