$5 Pinball Slot Machine-Big Win at the end-4 bonuses!

$5 Pinball Slot Machine-Big Win at the end-4 bonuses!

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  1. fun video like it

  2. ever get more than two on the bottom row in Pinball?

  3. If your lucky enough to hit the pinball have you ever noticed that payout rarely exceeds $100. I stopped playing this game a while ago, better odds on other machines.

  4. hl. hello Diana,what's good,GIRL? quick question (my slots queen) when you start on either a new,or familiar machine, do you bet big or,do you bet moderate ($20,30,50 etc) kinda curio us (sorry) anyway..keep. doing what you Do..and a safe,great,and happy thanksgiving (hope y'all break them slots ASSES) peace diana..Pookie from da Bronx

  5. great session D

  6. those were some awesome hits. especially the last hit!! 🙂

  7. Diane have you ever hit the 1000?

  8. Diana, not to be a downer with Pinball, but the reason I don't play it is it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to hit the 1,000.  Why?  Because you have to fill it up in ascending order at the bottom.  You CANNOT ever get the 1,000 with only one shot. In order to do it, with 4 shots, the ONLY way you hit the 1000 is if you get the 25 on the bottom, then the 50 on the bottom, then the 100 on the bottom, then the 1,000.  If you don't have the previous ones lit up, you can't get the bigger ones.  Notice that when you hit the 25 on the bottom in the second video, it stayed "lit up".  If you look closely at the rules on the paytable, it explains this, but most people don't see it.  🙂  When I heard you say "I'm going for the 1,000" in the one video, at that point it would have been impossible to get it, since your first shot didn't go to the bottom.  Hope that helps!  🙂

  9. Excelente juego por $ 5 cada crédito.

  10. great hit thx for sharing 

  11. This game would have great potential at its 100$ denomination, however it could run the bankroll really quickly

  12. yeyyyyy lol at the end

  13. God I miss this game and those times. I LOOOVE THIS GAME!!! Thanks for posting.
    A Fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  14. did you ever play pinball multi real

  15. Nice win baby girl

  16. 725 on last one wow great win.made it look easy to get 🙂 Nice change. Been fun your last 2 pin ball vids.. You prefer it to wheel of fortune?

  17. Thanks for sharing , Diana ! Entertaining as usual !

  18. Great bonus compilation, Diana!

  19. nice

  20. Yaaa fun video

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