5 Tools Every Warframe Player Should Use…

5 Tools Every Warframe Player Should Use…

[ad_1] 5 tools every Warframe player should use, whether you are looking for better builds, easier trading, Mastery Rank calculators, how to find a clan, and more these Warframe tools and resources are things every Warframe player, beginner Warframe players, and veteran warframe players should have bookmarked. These Warframe tips should help both new and experienced Warframe players. Sign up For Warframe! (Affiliate)

Warframe Beginners Guide Playlist:

DapperMuffins Handbook:
Warframe Alerts:

Mastery Calculator:

Must Have Mods For All Warframe Players

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  1. I'm a fresh Nintenno and your videos are great! Thanks you!

  2. For alerts simply download the Warframe app and allow notifications

  3. warframe wikia (now called fandom. ugh.) is invaluable. warframe(dot)fandom(dot)com. Oh and there's a handy phone app too. You can craft items in the Foundry and much more with it.

  4. Dude I seriously don't understand how you can recommend Warframe Alerts on Twitter and then don't even mention the Adroid App for Warframe in that video.
    You can see and receive push notifications on your smartphone as well as access the your foundry and craft stuff on the Go!
    Should really have been included in this video imo.

  5. Yes Praise the Gold Accents

  6. IN AN IDEAL WORLD: You only made warframe videos. Or atleast upload more of them more often.

    You're literally the first content creator I'd go to when it came to warframe guides. Oh well.

  7. For alerts and such I use https://deathsnacks.com/wf/ it works quite well and I've used it for years, also has a night mode in the upper right corner.

  8. My one and only tool i need is fun. Guides ruins it.

  9. handbook — sounds usefull, i just dont need it
    twitter — the warframe nexus app displays alerts too if im not mistaken?
    warframe market — yeah, just be aware that in my experience, sell prices in the chat are better
    warframe builder — i'd just stay away. no use in it. All numbers given on there are theoretical and never apply in-game.
    discord — uh, sure? i guess? im not on it, but i see how it could be interesting for more social people

  10. So wiki not mentioned? I go there all the time.

  11. You missed deathsnacks. com (no space)

    They have tabs for PC, Xbox and (I think) PS4. There are alerts, where/when the Void Trader is coming and what he has (when he is here), sorties, Cetus and Earth Day/Night cycles with time left in current cycle, and other stuff too!

  12. Whats ur game settings??

  13. Omni Voice is another good resource for Warframe culture

  14. Fck me your fashion frame is on point

  15. i m new to warframe and i want to get some prime warframe that are vaulted how do i do that??

  16. "E"

  17. What warframe are you using!? it looks so cool

  18. Nope. Not using Twitter you can’t make me.

  19. Hmm… (Thinking about your words)
    Hmmmmmm…….. (Thinking why in the world my Warframe was removed from my Steam library and now have to re-install when I was planning to record it)

  20. [ZAW: To price rivens google] [ZAW: Folren and semlar]


  22. For anyone in particular who needs it, there's an Android app called WarDroid for your phone that tracks alerts and invasions, even minutes before they start. You can choose what things you want it to track using it's phenomenally flexible configuration system. I've had it since I started playing, and any player would make good use of it.

  23. Damn and thta chroma look dope af

  24. Can you only sell prime things on the market?

  25. back in the day when u made ur original guide series it helped me sooooooo much and i am very happy to see u doing it again for newer players, also a cool tip for ingame is if u want an easy to use and easy to get warframe that is quite strong then get excalibur umbra

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