$5 Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine-big win at end- 7 Bonuses

$5 Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine-big win at end- 7 Bonuses

[ad_1] Seven $5 Wheel of Fortune bonuses at Palazzo over a few trips. Big Win at the end of the video.
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  1. put in 20.00 hit 1500.00 two double diamonds and a three bar on the second pull  then 1195.00 left with almost 2600.00 hit and run don't stay on the same machine and give the money back.

  2. The wheel's top prize was strategically valued at $1,195 to avoid taxes/hand pay LOL!

  3. Great one, cheers!

  4. Nice, but how much money did those people lose before they won?

  5. Thats a good one Diana Thank You for the show ur East Coast Fan

  6. Shite.. just finishing up losing it all back in this stupid Life of Luxury II machine….I hate this machine. Only went to the bonus twice out of $680.00.

  7. i got pictures of my hand pay…a little one.$557.00…Hee heeee…

  8. I don't know if I can record…


  10. great job

  11. I like your videos and I subscribed, Thank You

  12. Big hit at the beginning as well. Don't discount that $500 on bonus #1!

  13. Diana You and your Slot Wins Are Fantastic Maybe One dayI will Get a Gig (Comedian Jay Mather) In the Vegas Area and Come see ya Win :)!

  14. How much did you win? I only play penny slots, except once I played this very game and won $75 on my first spin.

  15. Thank You for making these video's. I really enjoy them, My late wife and I used to go to vegas back in the 80s and 90s, I have not been out there in many years, So I really enjoy your slot video's. I live in wisconsin now and we just don't have the good stuff here.

  16. I'm just wondering if you guys can record your loses too just so we have an idea how much to spend to get a jackpot

  17. I won $6,000 at Horseshoe in Hammond Indiana last night on a WOF machine.

  18. Great Videos. I've watched so many of your uploads! I've liked them so much I started recording and posting my wins too. Thank you so much for sharing your wins! Awesome Fun!

  19. How much did you win, uk slots are different to American slots

  20. I won the $1,195 at Planet Hollywood. Can't wait to go back!

  21. I just hot $2,000 on a $5 WoF in Pennsylvania the other day then went on to Mohegan Sun and all of theirs were like this one…held to $1195. The best I did there was only $500.

  22. That wasn't that big :/

  23. i won $2500 on one of those on my first spin on the machine.

  24. You're cute! Outstanding win and the domino tiles were cool.

  25. Congrats on a nice spin bonus.Not a bad total at all! I have been one of your subscribers for quite a while now and I like the new outro of the falling dominoes…nice touch.

  26. Fun to watch D! I too like your new outro 🙂

  27. awesome!

  28. Cracking video luved it!

  29. Great video I loved the ending with the domino falling tiles.
    Great JOB!

  30. very nice , 😉 good bonuss

  31. Could watch these spins for hours! Good to see you make an appearance in front of the camera. 🙂

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