5 WILD REELS!!! BIG WIN on Willy Wonka Slot Machine Bonus Oompa Loompa Bonus

5 WILD REELS!!! BIG WIN on Willy Wonka Slot Machine Bonus Oompa Loompa Bonus

[ad_1] OMG! 5 Wild reels on the Willy Wonka Slot Machine Oompa Loompa Bonus Round! How crazy is that?! I’ve seen it once or twice before on yt, but never in person! ….

I was playing a Wonka slot machine and my mom sat down next to me…We somehow triggered the Oompa Loompa bonus round at the same time…Fortunate for her, she was the one with the 5 wild reels! Unfortunately, the payout was way below expectation…Oh well, can’t complain, it is a beautiful sight after all! Enjoy!

Slot Machine: Willy Wonka Slot Machine by WMS
Denom: 1c Penny
Total Bet: Mom’s $1.20, KBR’s $2.00


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  1. Imagine Mac bet with all 5 wild reels

  2. You were playing .40 cents …. of course it sucked!

  3. Shite win really in terms of stake, not even a 200x. Landbased casinos in the states are garbage compared to online. I regularly get hits around the 1000x mark and beyond, as do plenty of streamers. Most these videos are big wins on 100x, then if you actually get a win over 1400 you get taxed haha.

  4. no multipliers and the screen did not grow so 40 lines at 3 cents per line she won a little more then $5 per line that's a good win,

    anyone that won more then on this slot with not all wilds had multipliers or a bigger screen or had a bigger bet

  5. Willy wonka is a popualr machine always full when on weekend nights in AC or PA casinos

    There fore you will not win that much or lose most times when playing early …

    Trust me i been at this slot thing since the early 90's nothing has changed …..

    Some skill is needed and your sharp eye and focus to know when to get off a machine thats COLD.

    I barely gamble more than $200 in slots to strat with most ever we had was $550 combined

    but $50 was to eat turned out zero money that night in AC

    Then times i staret with only $40 and walk out with $100's ONE thing i notice i win huge late nights after 10 PM

    NO matter what casino i go to ……… i guess because thats when i play slots from way back or dice i like it late night at dice i always find the cold tables where they aint making points

    Still for a 3 bet at $1.20 this was not great payout ……… in my videos i bet $1.00 on money to burn and won $501 ….then again afterr taking out that ticket won anoither $40 TO GIVE TO MY BITCH TO PLAY WITH CAUSE SHE WENT BROKE


    MY $1 bet was 5th bet there was max bet of $2.50 25 line machine

    no way this would be like $25,000 max bet on a blackout

  6. where was this?

  7. Disappointing !! $220 for all wilds playing possibly max bet on a Penny Machine? That should of paid into the Thousands.

  8. WOW that is HORRIBLE pay out for all wilds!!! Are you sure you were on max bet and not minimum?? I hit on the lord of the rings bonus in vegas and similar game where all 5 wild reals flooded the screen i won 250 like you but i was on min, if i woulda been on max I woulda won 9 or 10 grand considering the diff was 50 cents a spin and max was 5.50 a spin same with the wonka machines max but is alot… no way this was on max bet if it was I"m never playing this machine again on max lol

  9. wow, to get what I call a "perfect screen" just dealt to you???? Awesome! But the pay was very low. I hit $80 just with 2 reels of wilds. hmmm

  10. Glad that he won. I cannot ever seem to win on Willy Wonka.only on The Wizard of Oz or Emerald City

  11. Glad that he won. I cannot ever seem to win on Willy Wonka.only on The Wizard of Oz or Emerald City

  12. Glad that he won. I cannot ever seem to win on Willy Wonka.only on The Wizard of Oz or Emerald City

  13. nice win

  14. Are we aloud to film the machine

  15. the same thing happend to me i was freaking out won $250 last year same game

  16. weird I bet 1.20 two nights ago at casino in okc. on same game as this and got ooompa bonus all wilds except one which landed on willy Wonka and it paid 458.00

  17. that's shit

  18. Damn… only $220.50?!  I feel ripped off just watching that!  That was beautiful!



  21. How much credits were you betting,  the low end of the scale right?  That is not betting max credits,  bet small win small thats how it goes period

  22. if the wheels went up and got bigger and if u got a multiplier aswell That would have been serious business !!! such a beauty though

  23. nice win!!!

  24. because you only played 120 you have to play max

  25. I've got this before, but not on video and not with a multiplier, so it does happen from time to time- nice catch!

  26. I got a 3 wilds, full screen, 10x and ended up winning ~$460. It was a good day. 

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