[ad_1] So got an insane run from a small balance, I am currently sitting on 28K, so want to get some ROCKNROLLA style footage for all to see. [ad_2]

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  1. This is not real money the speed of the game is faster in the play money mode

  2. what online casino do you use /recommend ?

  3. Some billy big ball bets there

  4. bit short this month , any spare cash to spare lol

  5. I’m allowed an opinion, and based on no credibility that you have. It’s fake

  6. It's a shame that the person playing has not got there voice on here, I prefer people talking or when you can also see them as well.

  7. It's potentially real play but if so, the balance most likely cannot be ever withdrawn. Promotion arrangement with the casino. Pretty obvious. You'd have to be extremely wealthy to play these stakes otherwise, as in a net worth of many millions, this aint poker where there's any skill involved. These videos are all smoke and mirrors to get people losing their money, nothing more. Also interesting is that there are commercial arrangements whereby a person signs up from streamers links, the streamer receives a percentage of player losses as commission. heh. Nice little earner, except for the person who signed up. Don't believe me? Go check it out for yourself, it's public info.

  8. 50 a spin on a 6713 balance on Bankroll Warp? You are a brave man, sir :p dayum.

  9. Love this channel and rollas, you guys are saving me so much money and i get just as much a buzz watching your streams keep it up guys ..

  10. How much of the £28k did you manage to walk away with?

  11. lol can afford to play £50 a spin but cant afford to buy the full £20 version of bandicam 😀

  12. love the de-generate gambles like the ROCKNROLLA but i got from £250 to £7600+ and lost the lot after about 30mins of de-gen spins and regret it still to this day… be clever pal (i got upto £6300 last month, withdrew £5250 so £5000 profit and then wasted the rest de-gen style) hahahaa anyways you earned a new sub from me.!! Gud.Luck.Bro.!

  13. wtf bro! what you mean 28k how did you get to that! you crazy today 😀

  14. Congrats m8. Your bet is so crazy

  15. congratulations bro xx

  16. Hahaha you crazy mo fo, even I wouldnt do 50 spins at £50 but glad it paid off for you!! Go easy with that balance and NO REVERSING!!!!

  17. Big losses follow big wins this is why £50 spins wise up a bit

  18. Sitting on 28k? Is right mate! Balance that dreams are made of. Great video.

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