50 Lions Slot * Live Play * DIAMONDS * Big Win !!!

50 Lions Slot * Live Play * DIAMONDS * Big Win !!!

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  1. Nice win~ I want to play this game. which casino is that?

  2. Funny dude lol

  3. $mart man ! Knows when to ca$h the fu¢k out ! Saginaw native living in Vegas. See ya when ya get here. Vegas.com

  4. I love this video. Definitely giggled at the commentary!

  5. That was great! (hits a big one) "I'm done."

  6. Super nice HIT!! Congrats! I'm Still a big Fan of these older machines! Thanks for Sharing!

  7. Never been up north … but if you get a chance check out my 2 big wins I popped last week at Detroit mgm … robman313slots 50 lions high limit :-$

  8. Great hit with those wilds! Of course, it happened after lowering the bet, but it's not like you went down to minimum. Congrats!

  9. THAT WAS GREAT!!!! You never know when those DIAMONDS are going to show up!!

  10. Lol imma use that one. "It fuckin dry rotted out!"

  11. Great win, always good to see Diamonds on this machine but seriously. You gotta stop complaining so much lol….

  12. Wooohoo! That was a lot of diamonds. Great way to end it! 🙂

  13. Nice last bonus!!! Awesome win!! Congrats

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