$700 Premiere Stream | Queen Of The Wiald Slot Machine BONUSES | Money Charge Jackpots Slot Machine

$700 Premiere Stream | Queen Of The Wiald Slot Machine BONUSES | Money Charge Jackpots Slot Machine

[ad_1] $700 Premiere Stream | Queen Of The Wild Slot Machine BONUSES | Money Charge Jackpots Slot Machine | Live Slot Play
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32 комментария

  1. Wow! You sure fought that 1st machine! I was so proud of you moving from machine to machine looking for a winner. Then that last machine….maybe you got tired and didn’t want to move on??? That happens to me sometimes!

  2. Sorry for your luck, but nice seeing you try the G+ games. That was my same luck at the casino yesterday ugh! We have those days!

  3. You need to learn to walk when it took forever to get in bonus then the 1st bonus a dollar I would of walked spent my money in another

  4. i mean not giving bonus thats why its hard,,

  5. OMG that machine is so hard!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Why i always watch the videos where u loose?

  7. Oh…NG I totally understand you. Lol you'll have better luck next time!

  8. I think l would find another casino with looser machines or limit the amount you put thru a machine before you leave it to try another. I always limit the amount and if it doesn't hit l move on. More variety and a better chance to hit.

  9. Good video NG very intense

  10. Looks like someone was scoring on the Vampires Embrace G+ game…. you definitely gave it your all. 🙂

  11. I always win on mystical unicorn but I only bet low and still win $300+

  12. Try to find out the legal amount of near miss at the casino you are playing at each state is regulated differently. This place looks to be set to three.

  13. These older machines have better payline payouts than the newer machines. That $304 hit on a $4 max bet you will rarely see on newer machines.. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Nice session, I wouldnt have left that queen of the wild, it was doing pretty good, that line of wms g+ can be tough but they're some of my favorite games

  15. Pechanga tooooo tight my friend! Good job NG!!

  16. Good try! You will get it next time.

  17. Great choice of games, NG. Those old WMS G+ games can be tough nuts to crack sometimes, but at least it gave you a ton of play and you still turned a profit.

  18. Aww man it would be nice for a big hit. Maybe next time

  19. I would have left but i get it dude…not even my money and i was getting pissed offlol

  20. Good job Angie! 🙂

  21. Kick it! Telach it to play nice.

  22. Thanks for sharing NG

  23. NG, you put up a great fight with Queen of the Wild. I play that slot from time to time at the casino in Louisiana and it's a tough slot. The pay/menu button will show you how volatile the slot is by letting you see the "big wins" paid by the slot. You'll see that those "big wins" of over $500 via the bonus rounds are very rare. So the fact that you got playback and walked away with a few bucks more than what you started with was a big win.

    Next time Queen of the Wild will show you the power of her bonus and give you a hand pay my friend. Always enjoy your videos and positive vibes. Best of luck and health to you in 2019.

  24. Can you play TWIN WIN slot machine next time

  25. This machine pays good when you hit the monkeys

  26. Thank you for playing my one of favorites slot machine good luck

  27. Good luck NG.

  28. Hi NG Slot you should play High Limit more with that kind money

  29. Whew!!! That was totally exciting…I wanted to see more! Got so excited I stayed awake! Lol

  30. You fought hard in this one. Have you considered boxiNG as a career.

  31. Great video bro. Damn that mystery progressive was so close to 500 should've stuck it on there all good though great video as long as you stay away from those god awful lightening link

  32. Those were crappy slots to play. Sorry you lost so fast.

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