[ad_1] Zorro kept on giving, to the tune of 80 free spins, including a 5 bonus symbol retrigger! We continue to love this game and it loves us!
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  1. Heading down Mohegan 2mrw and wow this gave me incentive to play Zorro! I believe there is 2 in the SKY! Awesome video, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. after that you are addicted to zorro forever!

  3. Weak, I had half the games and won 3xs as much. Just let the machine do what it’s going to do. You’re switching the RNG up every time you stop the reels in the bonus.

  4. hot af! smart gurl playing nickels!

  5. Such a nice win on Zorro. Glad to see the full screen, and the multiplier, and then 24 more free games. And then more…80 in all.   Zorro wasn't nearly so nice to me when I tried him.  Nothing near your $487.90 win.  (I'm playing catch up — it's Feb 14 today — so Happy Valentine's Day to you both.  You're a great couple.)

  6. +CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos — 80 free games! Thanks for playing and sharing 🙂

  7. Very nice bonus, Kathy. Zorro is or will soon be on the floor at Casino Lac Leamy as it’s listed on their website so I hope to play it soon. Perhaps it will be one of the slots I’ll play in my higher stakes series.

    I notice you, Random, SDguy and others in these videos wearing bracelets in the casino. What are their uses at a casino? We don’t have them here in Canada.

  8. You picked a good time to sit down at that machine. Fabulous win! I must say that's the first time I've seen a full screen on Zorro so now I know you get a wheel spin as a result. Thx for sharing.

  9. Unbelievable!? You get so excited and sooo funny.. great video!!

  10. Hello my favorite slot couple❤ Awesome video!!! Gotta love the retriggers. " Mommy time" for me, is laying in bed, watching your guys slot videos. Lol!

  11. Awesome win and crazy retriggers. Congrats


  13. Great bonus, I love how much you enjoy it!! you haven't met a game that gives you a bonus that you didn't love have you? LOL

  14. We are not blind! We can see

  15. I'm glad it was you guys that got the 80 games…you made it very entertaining…congrats

  16. They have this game on the behemoth cabinet at one of my locals. It’s fun when it’s active. Nice bonus!

  17. How fun was that?!! Congrats

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