80+ spin bonus buffalo $4 max bet BIG WIN Parx casino pokie

80+ spin bonus buffalo $4 max bet BIG WIN Parx casino pokie

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Got the bonus and retriggered a million times, never more than 3 buffalo though was so disappointed with the overall result — still take it tho — filmed at parx casino — sorry for shaky video too much coffee

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  1. fuck Parx Casino, only losers go there.

  2. stop complaining asshole. you got about 900 dollars in winning….you white people are fucking greedy assholes. no wonder why you lost all that money to Parx casino rigged slot machines the same day.

  3. Over 200x your best at least. I played buffalo deluxe, had something like 127 free spins, and won 100 times bet. They program these things to give you a ton of free spins along with a ton of dead spins.

  4. I know the feeling. I got 400 spins on China Shore (with the splitter) max bet only $900. I could have sworn it would be a jackpot, lol. That's gambling…

  5. ill be happy with a 900$ bonus on buffalo..why complain lol enjoy it

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  7. why you mean really bad? it is awesome

  8. Second worst ever real sad all those spins and n buffalo

  9. Thats like a dream bonus for me. Grab a cool one, sit back, telax and watch the counter increase. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Yep no buffaloes

  11. too many dead free spins. 🙁

  12. congrats on the win

  13. The buffalo was under control .

  14. All you people here commenting saying its not bad are just fucking losers.. It is bad .. 80 SPINS AND NO BUFFALOS ..

  15. Why are you complaini ng??? I know it is 4.00 bet but at least you did not need the buffalo to pull you out.. 900 is not shabby you know.

  16. this idiot is complaining about not getting buffalos on a 900 dollar bonus…..seek help

  17. It is really unbelievable that you never got any buffalo out of 80 spins! Overall it is a nice win but could have been SO MUCH BETTER! lol

  18. You must have lost more than 900 dollars that night the only way I can See who gives a shit about the buffalo goal is to win!

  19. Great video we sound somewhat alike.  Watch this we had almost the same bonus!


  20. Good job. also you hit the button to keep the free spins going and that's what i like. A like has been applied!

  21. You win 900 dollars and you say this was really bad?? What the hell man? That's pretty fucking great!

  22. i lovet i was playng  dis machine las nghit

  23. I understand.. the goal is to get the buffalos…and surely with 80 spins at least 3 rows SHOULD have shown up!.. But like everyone has been saying.. some of us (don't bid that high)never get even a multiple BONUS like that. I?.. Me?. .I have—-> NEVER gotten the buffalos. One day I will hopefully try this… In Vegas.. not my local..NO way! You did really good. Congratz!

  24. What sucks is this—I've played slots for over 20 yrs & "THEY" always say the RNG (random # generator) pre-selects the sequence of # combos only when you put your money in and NOT during the entire time you play, but IF U NOTICE…when you lower your bets, you get better combos/connections because the "CASINO" not the machine wants you to keep "TRYING" to get the BIG PAY BACK! I played this for $2 bets (max) and once I went down to 20 cents I hit for $76.00. GO FIGURE and GOOD LUCK!

  25. 900 bucks sweet !!!! 80 spins..WOW !!! I understand it could have been higher payout, but 900 bucks tax free 🙂

  26. everybody knows the whiteman came and killed all the buffalo off.

  27. pretty shitty considering the bet size and number of spins, he got the buffallo tease several times dureing this unbelievable shitty bonus round

  28. Please don't. That was just r two cents n everyone has sum. Post all of them whenever u want. Overall we enjoy watching them either way. Never allow other ppl to damp on ur parade. Post post post 🙂 :-). n from ur perspective n bets; i get it! N if n e one has n e thing ugly to say about r comments of opinion then "go scratch" lolol…really tho. o_O nice talking to the man behind the screen 😉

  29. thanks for replying, ill get some more vids up soon, i mostly have just taken pics over the years so i may see if i can do a video of a montage of pics and keep in mind to take more video in the future 🙂 and ill only post really good ones so that im not a debbie downer hehe

  30. Ur winnings were fabulous none the less and when when we all go to gamble and get a bonus…we always want more than we get (especially if its a young payout) u got a more than descent payout. So i understand what ur saying, tho that's the risk and a gamble we take. Just think when ppl r watching u n the game cause so much excitement n u r the debby downer mad cause u want more. N they wish they could just get a bonus like that, u know. Either way congrats n keep on keepn on 🙂

  31. just hate wasted potential, 80+ spins with no more than 2 buffaloes on any line hit is pretty gangster — 200+ times aint bad overall just coulda been more thanks for watching

  32. I agree. When i watched ur other vidz i was a fan, but after hearing ur comment…well lets just say that nothing is ever enuff for sum ppl.

  33. You can send me the 900 dollar win then geesh

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