88 Fortunes Bonuses BIG WIN!!!

88 Fortunes Bonuses BIG WIN!!!

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  1. I never get far on this slot machine.

  2. Yes yes yes

  3. not a bad game me my brother's love chucking ten in each

  4. I hit 7200 dollar hand pay at Harrah's in Cherokee 3am Sunday morning with max bet 8.80.  Had all but Three of the gold symbols and still had credit of 2300.00

  5. Man I LOVE this game now. Played in Vegas a few weeks back. Got 5 bonus symbols combined with the gold bird symbol for a win of around $200 then won another $200 in that bonus. And then it kept hitting. Love the pay structure on this game!

  6. Did the pot of gold ever close for you? If so, how did you do?

  7. 4 days ago a grand jackpot was won at the 88 fortune machines. 120K in USD.

  8. I enjoyed watching this, but could you believe that the pot closed on me 3 times recently and it was very empty. Of course, I won the mini all 3 times.

  9. Nice Win !

  10. nice bonuses.. Congrats and fun to watch

  11. Nice!!! Such a fun game! Congrats on your wins!!!

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