88 Fortunes HUGE Win! $8.80 Max Bet! Re-trigger!!!

88 Fortunes HUGE Win! $8.80 Max Bet! Re-trigger!!!

[ad_1] Is there a better way to celebrate 10000 Subs, than a huge win on 88 Fortunes? Well I guess a hand pay would be better but this was pretty close!!! Thank you so much everyone for supporting my channel, I couldn’t have got here without you!!!

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38 комментариев

  1. Whole bunch if colours without the hits

  2. She is so beautiful

  3. That swearing made me blush.

  4. Rainbow cash bonus looks pretty lame 🙁

  5. I'm glad you won something big

  6. I love it when you say aww fuck yea

  7. Like your playing but not your swearing.

  8. nice job little potty mouth lol

  9. Bisous à vous de France

  10. Just discovered this channel and ended up on a rabbit hole of watching these vids haha; can't really contribute beyond views and a sub but good luck Sarah, thanks for the entertainment!! I think it's sweet how you respond to everyone! -fellow local

  11. I love the way you laugh. You're so beautiful sarah!

  12. Great win Sarah, so glad to see some good fortune go your way, seems like those line hits just kept on coming, cuss away, I would have been too haha

  13. My favor game but I can’t never win.

  14. I hate this game but it does give alot of free spins

  15. Great comeback on the 2nd game! Thanks

  16. Very poor line pays and hits. Thanks for showing the game!

  17. These are the good winning games and I get happy when someone wins like you brave girl the play with no fears to loose. Good job!!!!

  18. I'd swear a blue streak at that mess, too! 25 free spins and a grand win of a lousy $51. Disgusting.

  19. so damn pretty

  20. love you…always win

  21. we here in Australia.. love the word.. Fuck Yeah !! 🙂 nice video .

  22. Great video I'm josh klinglesmith on patreon keep em coming

  23. Silly game

  24. Your so beautiful, do you want to date an English man 🙂

  25. Very pretty lady god dame

  26. Gros bisous de France. Tu es la bienvenue chez moi pour jouer aux casinos de France. Je t'y accompagnerais avec plaisir. Kiss kiss

  27. Fuck yea I love u lol

  28. You did great my love… Jim in NY

  29. That was a good run… I’m gonna try and get to Vegas once a mth for about a wk for the rest of the yr… maybe we will run into each other…

  30. Oh fuck Yeh lol wow that was hot thank you

  31. ohh shit,

  32. Woo hoo. Lovely win xx

  33. ilike it when you start doing all ur videos and u put ur money in and smiled thats hot 🙂

  34. Gigantic bonus

  35. Awesome win,seems like you have more luck with 88 fortune fuck yeah!!lol

  36. quiero ser tuyo preciosa

  37. And she swears too lol

  38. Thanks for playing a game I've never seen before! You're getting close to 20,000 subscribers now. Congrats!

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