A NEW FAVORITE — There’s The Gold Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

A NEW FAVORITE — There’s The Gold Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

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Every now and then I play a slot machine which is designed perfectly, and There’s The Gold is such a slot, I love it! A follow-up to the popular «Where’s The Gold» title, I’m of the opinion that this sequel actually improves on the original.

You win in There’s The Gold by landing winning combinations on paylines. To add something special, after any bought game a random multiplier between 2x and 25x may be applied to your win, a nice touch!

The bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols and may also be triggered randomly after any bought game. Upon trigger, you first select one of 4 characters after which a number of spins and symbols are assigned to your character. Each symbol assigned transforms the corresponding symbol for that character into a gold symbol, which is wild. Each character then plays out the spins awarded and you win whatever your character wins. If you complete the «Bonus Challenge» by collecting 14 dynamite symbols, you will then be awarded the wins of ALL characters, next time for sure for me!

On a $3 bet, the Top Symbol will pay $100 on a single 5-reel hit, so there’s not only Big Win potential, there’s Jackpot Handpay potential, Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the post! OOH MAN! So good to see… My favorite game and the game that really started it all for me with liking to play slots is "Wheres the Gold?" When "Theres the Gold" came out in my area, it was only out for a short time and then moved on. I felt it was a great game! So seeing this video brought back some good memories!

  2. This is a great spin off of 'Where's' the Gold.
    An oldie but a goodie nice bonus!

  3. Nugget Ned didn't disappoint you, unlike his parents who really didn't want him to become a prospector in 2019

  4. Wow !! Congrats on your nice win, I have to look for this game locally !

  5. I've only seen this one twice before which like you said is surprising because I think it's a solid game too. Nice win!

  6. Thanks for the video! Do you know of any casinos in Vegas where I can find this game?

  7. One of my favorites! Love your videos!

  8. If there's the gold was at my local I would play it more believe me i only have the original version unfortunately

  9. Very nice! I know you didn’t get the results you wanted but a fun video! I’ll have to revisit this slot that looked fun!

  10. Great profit Tim! Great choice!

  11. I think you did Great! You didn't get it all but you did get the best one! My first time playing this was 2-3 months ago and I had NO idea how it worked but somehow I got all the dynamite and an amazing win. I also learned something a couple years ago about this game and Where's The Gold — the best symbols to have as wild are the J Q K A as there are more of them than any other symbol plus that leaves the premiums for line pays. That said, we obviously have NO Choice as to what the game gives us. Fun Video!!!

  12. I love this game and when you get all the dynamite, it’s a thrill!

  13. Good bonus! So close with those dynamites sticks! Watching before work, thanks for the video!

  14. Nice bonus

  15. A couple more spins would have probably done it for you Tim!! Good win though either way.

  16. Great video, fun game!!

  17. I love that game mr BP
    I play it whenever I can . I hope you do Win on those dynamites

  18. Groovy

  19. I like that one too they no longer have it at my casino

  20. That was great. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Congrats! This is one my absolute favorite games. You always make me laugh "The taunt is real" OMG!! Killed me!

  22. Great win, I love this game too they have it at my local had real great potential for the bet amount.

  23. easily done 🙂 Good job!

  24. Nice win but soooooooo close to an epic win! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Love it. I’ve been playing it for years and it is over looked.

  26. Even flow in the background!

  27. I remember this game. Good Luck! Win BIG!!!

  28. Great win

  29. Nice win, I always try this game when I walk past it, have some big wins on it, I only got 13 dynamite once on the bonus, if I had all 14, it was $2700 on a $3 bet, potential can be crazy, always enjoy your vids

  30. 2 love it Tim to bad 455.00 wasn't hit

  31. 1

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