A Professional Assassin plays Hitman 2

A Professional Assassin plays Hitman 2

[ad_1] I’m a professional because someone paid me $2 to stop playing

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  1. My previous spy experience includes watching Johnny English and the Austin Powers trilogy. Also worth mentioning that the title is a joke, and worth taking in conjunction with the description

  2. Omg RT why would you click bait us like that


  4. Who’s James?

  5. All professionals use fish as weapons. Cyanide? No… Mercury poisoning!

  6. 1:29 i hate you for that joke

  7. I clicked on this video not realizing it was RT, realized very quickly

  8. 5:40
    When the girl doesn't take the good offer so u just murder her

    Fish slap

  10. "If it works it not stupid"
    The fact that it works is stupid

  11. What is it with Irish YouTubers and the clown costume and fish?

  12. Sewing scissors to the head => instant kill
    Car battery to the head => momentarily stunned

  13. intro: gets enough high tech weapons to shoot down the entire place

    throws car batteries at people..

  14. When it comes to Hitman missions RT sure knows how to keep it brief. (SORRY!) This video really cheered me up today, nothing like pro assassinations to get my mood up!

  15. For some reason I thought this would actually be a trained killer playing a videogame


  17. Best brief case take downs 2018

  18. I dont know if this is clickbait or not

  19. The guy managed to kill of whole fucking towns while people were clueless. If he's not a professional assassin then who is.

  20. (Guy Shoots somebody with a shotgun and brutuly hacks and Them and Burn then) (girl) That wasn’t very nice

  21. Clown down

  22. hitman 2? more like hitman dlc

  23. “Professional”

  24. Block guy named Steve plays Minecraft for the first time

  25. gun on floor
    RTGame: picks up briefcase

  26. Rt is offishaly the fish throwing Muppet

  27. My full name was one of the targets- w h at

  28. I thought this was a Buzzfeed video.

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