** Accidental Super Big Win ** Wolf Run ** n Other Bonuses ** SLOT LOVER **

** Accidental Super Big Win ** Wolf Run ** n Other Bonuses ** SLOT LOVER **

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1. Graton, CA
2. Atlantis, Reno
3. Red Hawk, CA

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30 комментариев

  1. Sucker

  2. M gustan pero no pagan

  3. interestimg when u cashed out u still had credit on machine

  4. Most of these aren't even worth showing in a compilation video, $40, $50, $75, that can dissappear in minutes at or near max bet.

  5. Didn't notice my ass…so phony

  6. Nice hit!!

  7. What do you call the slot game with Dragons? I've played it before

  8. you sneaky little bitch you check your scratchers before you make the video so they can all be winners because you already cashed out you know you got a stack of them bitches in your closet because everyone no's they can never all be winners

  9. again another f**** Montage of wins why don't you show all the losses it took to get to that point. all this crap does is promote the f**** industry and take people's hard-earned money. reality check reality check alert. slot machines are for losers and they build the casinos Empire all at the people's expense this kind of crap just promotes the f**** industry. how many times have you walked out the casino broke?

  10. i like this game a lot

  11. That was a nice "mistake" you made on Wolf Run!

  12. love to watch you play, you seem to be a person that clicks when you win something instead of wasting time while it adds up, thank you kind sir.

  13. Do u always Max bet? Is that how you win?

  14. nice video

  15. You sound so happy. Who wouldn't to win almost $700 with a lucky mistake like that! Nice variety of games.

  16. Wow!!! congrats!!!!!!! I wish I got that hit with the $40.00 bet, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Awesome camera. What do you use to record?

  18. ya lol

  19. can you put a few more ads in your videos?

  20. ya im gonna stay away from atlantis thia trip. hit peppermill tomorrow

  21. not your fault bro its all about the timing 🙂

  22. Atlantis killed me lol lost the 400 I won and a lil more there oh well lol

  23. Nice compilation, thanks for sharing.

  24. just won 400 at peppermill waitinh for room to be ready lol having fun ans heading to atlantis after i eat

  25. love that splitting hares game. the IP Casino took that and black orchid out. Thanks for sharing

  26. stopped at mountain casino in susanville and got the jackpot streams for 1097.00 maxi lol money for reno!!

  27. you cannot do that here in montreal you have to be super lucky to hit big in here I can't win shit even I bet 30 fucking cents lol that's how bad that place is and it feels like I am getting rob everytime I go there and we only got one casino in here fucking sad everything here is bad planning to move to Toronto or Calgary hate this city…

  28. will do bro in that exact order looking forward to it. i have a few times pkayed .05 machines and won big thinking it was pennies. won 1100 thought was 220 till i cashed out lol

  29. When I come to Reno we should hit the casinos together and see who can hit the biggest hand pay lol.

  30. Heading there not sure what casinos yet what do you think is best?

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