Adorned Peacock Slot — MAX BET! — SUPER BIG WIN!! — Slot Machine Bonus

Adorned Peacock Slot — MAX BET! — SUPER BIG WIN!! — Slot Machine Bonus

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Adorned Peacock Slot — MAX BET! Super Big Win — Slot Machine Bonus

Here is an awesome bonus round on Adorned Peacock. Initially, I showed the First «LIVE» Look on this one, and I decided to give this one another go. Glad I did. The bonus feature turned out awesome. I really love how this one plays…and its different than most Konami games. Hope you enjoy! Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, like, subscribe and tweet. Your support is appreciated. Thanks!

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24 комментария

  1. Todo
    Muy bonito

  2. i like that game

  3. I so fell in love with this game the weekend, (Oct 2017) So fun

  4. This is one of the weirdest games I've ever seen lol!!!!!

  5. The most I've seen at my local casino is 100 and I've gotten it a couple of times. I hope to improve on it.

  6. I subscribe to you because I've never heard you use prophanity

  7. 150 games is the max amount of games you can get on that machine. didn't know if you knew that so was letting you all know. love this game love your vids my man. my second biggest jackpot ever was on this game, 1.00 denomination.$ 34.560
    now I can find another dollar machine. if you get 150 free games you are going to hit a jackpot every time because of peacocks

  8. "How many free games? Oh 150. For this game that's not bad." It pains me to hear you say that, even though I know you're right. I wonder what these slot makers are thinking—especially Bally and Konami—by putting so many dead spins in the bonus rounds. That's less time that the player is betting, while s/he waits for all the bad spins. And it's frustrating as hell to have so many spins and (sometimes) get so little. It makes me think the overall expected return is less, even though we all know it can be as volatile as any other.

  9. I want to tell you that I enjoy all your play …you are so cool.when you play don't BS like some people you might know plus I hate when they seat and wait for payment ….just subscribed…Gracias

  10. 150 !! cool Keep winning and sharing!!!

  11. f

  12. well have been in the Vegas NV I playing this game before the was wonderful

  13. Good game

  14. It gives me so much joy watching your videos and your wins!! I wish I could play like that.. I'm too chicken.. Anyway, I wish you good luck everytime you play.. Keep on winning!!

  15. 150 games!!!! on good bet!!! very nice one

  16. still havent got a bonus on this one but hit the girls for a bill

  17. just won 145 dollars on this today on 1.20 bet. I love this game but i keep saying "cocks and ladies! cocks and ladies" seems to be working. Great win!

  18. A year or so ago I played a machine similar to this one and play 2.25 a pull
     Hit for 361 spins Waited on each spin to complete hoping for the big one
     Total hit at end was for 3.64 cents or near that
     That is right hardly an average of more than a penny per spin
     I was so mad that I hit the cash out button and instead it spin again
     I was really mad till it rolled up 1250.00  hand pay

  19. awesome bonus ! if onlu u got one spin w the girls that wouldve been sick !! thx for sharing

  20. I love Konami games and your films showing them being good to you. Congratualtions on a great win.

  21. Great bonus, Mike!  Glad to see the girls showed up for you after all!

  22. Nice job, if 4 of the girls is 1500 is 5, 5000

  23. Great win!!!  Hey where in ac do you play most of your Konami games?

  24. Never seen the free spins in these games pay out very well, in fact the other video you posted changed the way i play these konami slot games, i won 745 free spins and road it out till the end and only walked away with $112.00 @ a 90c bet, but since i watched the other video(s) you posted about the cash offers, i know now what to do, but this video was just amazing, fantastic bro!! thank you for posting homie!! you played it right too

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