Age of god bonus £1000 big win

Age of god bonus £1000 big win

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  1. I played with 0.1 per line, then got frustrated, had a lot of moeny in my account actually. Started playing the max bet and after 10 games I got the bonus round. Its the first time I played this game and it seems I was lucky cause I didnt pick Hades in 3 rounds and I got a lot of free spins for total win of 1781 euro. I was so lucky.

  2. Nice pick up mate. I've had a few £300/£400 ,s on 20p a line. Anthena isn't my favourite God.Shes as useful as a handbrake on a canoe. Hercules is the man ( Zeus handy too )

  3. Nice one, but your stakes are much higher than what I’d play on it, I’ve had some nice jackpots on age of the gods for minimum spin of 1p per line

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  5. £1000 takes approx £10,000 to achieve .

  6. szép volt

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