AJ Plays Warframe: Fortuna!

AJ Plays Warframe: Fortuna!

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  1. imagine if bethesda made this game

  2. The real question here is at the beginning there w=hat was other joe playing in the back there XD

  3. Still havent played warfare. Cuz destiny:|

  4. Warframe's 4 tuna

  5. lol i love how joe made that bsss boost sound effect 13:26

  6. As a huge fan, I'm a little disappointed in your game skills in Warframe. It is not Destiny or Halo, or anything of the such.
    You, Sir, are way to slow or non-existant with the given mechanics that make Warframe unique in the world of video games.
    The "Bullet Jump" is one of the most vital mechanics in the game. You should be using it it non stop to become God Tier.

  7. everyone is saying "warframe is better than Destiny 2". These comments need to stop, destiny 2 is a good spot atm, yes it should have been that from the start but if you haven't played the game at its current state don't bother commenting. Warframe has more content and more maps and its gameplay is fun, but it gets boring and repetitive fast. doesnt help that much of the areas are the same. i can be doing a mission on mars but in the sky i see jupiter, like wtf ? they recycle maps in levels , imo warframe is not much better than destiny 2.

  8. that intro music is beyond epic.

  9. Hey everyone, I got warframe a long ass time ago like when it first came out and barely had any content but I stopped playing because I felt it was a bit too much of a grind for stuff and I felt like platinum or whatever the paid currency is called was the best and only way too get prime stuff. I never really knew the ins and outs of the game as I came in blind and solo and stayed that way just taking missions trying to grind and get the warframes I wanted.

    My question is, whats the current state of the game? is it still kinda pay to win-ish? was I just missing something on my first play? is it worth getting into again with no friends in the game?

  10. ANOTHER huge update? guess i gotta get into it again haha

  11. damn it jet bike, give us jet bike now DE, or better a fucking giant robot to pilot! Shut up and take my money! I'm coming back to Warframe, this shit is too good

  12. You can tell these guys do not play warframe as much

  13. as the kids say, "This shit is lit."

  14. How do u have over 7k plat but u dont play the game hardly ever?

  15. I'm a huge warframe fan, but after a week of fortuna the game is once again at a loss for content. There is literally nothing to do once you've maxed out your standing with the factions.

  16. lol at all the wannabe veteran plebs from warframe crying about the free stuff he gets fucking OMEGALUL….

  17. For those wondering, no, warframe definitely is not better than destiny 2. I got destiny free with ps plus and never looked back at warframe. All the shouting you hear is from pathetic fanboys.

  18. How many hours do you have on this game?

  19. aaam since when wf have so large maps ?? it almost looks as good as planetside maps

  20. Fortuna is too easy. I guess public chat is still the EndGame.

  21. Unpopular opinion here but warframe would be so much more interesting if you werent always jumping around like a twitchy cricket. its just jump around doing twirly jirlies until you reach the evac point,would be more interesting if teams had to work together to get past maps. Oh and I have 700hrs on this game.

  22. This game got one of the best gaming communities ever when i started the game i tried to follow some build on my warframe and i needed some mods so i tried to buy those mods from other players but when they released im new to the game they maxed it out and gave to me for free and that happened multiple times

  23. looks really monotonous

  24. Every time there's a Warframe video anywhere, there's people commenting and shitting on Destiny. Smh.

  25. Honestly if they mafe it to where we can customize the hover board. That would be great

  26. Warframe is such an amazing game, and the cash market is perfect. Everything is optional. They can take all my money, even though I don't have to give them it.

  27. wish he would atleast ctr, space, shift jump around lol

  28. So… wtf was going on in this gameplay?, all i saw was him gliding around on a hoverboard and shooting randomly everynow n then.

  29. So guys I have a very important question I've been playing Warframe ever since this incident but never found out if it changed. is the whole red x Dev policy still a thing you know where they can ban you for no reason please tell me I need to know

  30. Fortuna is great Base raid ,alert system to increase difficulty and what's more 4 nerkos squad with max duration for an absolute carnage of starwars between clones and machine

  31. Bruh… He is sooooo spoiled. You can tell because he still uses the karak and his fashionframe sucks. No hate, just saying

  32. For tuna… xD

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