AJ’s Warframe: Fortuna & Railjack Developer Preview!

AJ’s Warframe: Fortuna & Railjack Developer Preview!

[ad_1] AngryJoe Interviews & Previews the upcoming New Warframe Content for 2018, Fortuna & Railjack with Steve Sinclair and grabs as many details as possible!

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  1. So Valkyr?

  2. I wish more devs looked at DE and did what they do. Cause this is one of the best games out there, and it’s free. You don’t see that every day. They make more then enough money off platinum too because the games so good and well made you just want to spend money on it cause you feel bad

  3. "Players that have been playing since 2013… why are you still playing?"

    I CaNt StOp SenD HeLP


  5. Man, i need a better computer to play this game properly, this looks amazing!

  6. After the customizable Primary a Weapons are released we gonna get customizable Warframes

  7. Lol I am so happy I liked the first 5m or I wouldn't have Excalibur prime but at that moment after paying I didn't like it can back in 2016 and I the game is good so I am happy

  8. My question is: when will Warframe Potatoe pc edition come out?

  9. Steve's lucky rail Jack wasn't on a three hour tour (a three hour tour)

  10. Sorry Joe, but the angry warframe was already taken by this one annoying dude known as the stalker.

  11. If any new players are starting warframe on xbox, I can help you out. Guardian Lancer is gamertag.

  12. Ship Gameplay
    Destiny 1 and 2: Uhhh, pretty loading screen
    Warframe: Basically Star Citizen but free and actually playable (end of the year)

  13. By the time Star Citizen gets finished Warframe is gonna be already there

  14. This is why warframe is better than Destiny. Free game with free updates. No bs dlc. I understand they aren't exactly the same games but they are close enough that i can choose this over Destiny.

  15. Will we own our own ships

  16. This interview is so great, you are made to interview dews with real passion.

  17. I just started playing three weeks ago and wish I had started a lot earlier. Great game and community.

  18. Whats the syndana that mag prime is wearing?

  19. Angry Prime confirmed..

  20. Good Ste realized that sock on his head looks really stupid

  21. That song though.
    Space combat's got nothin' on it!

    ..but god am I excited for it too.

  22. A true masterpiece

  23. I expected every PS4 game to be as great and in depth as Waframe. FN THANK YOU for your phenomenal service and effor

  24. Honestly…if I have to pay for Platinum to be a skin or a prime I will gladly pay that money because I love Warframe and I think they deserve every penny from my wallet

  25. I want his pizza hat

  26. I wonder how many registered loosers are playing now.

  27. Steve Sinclair is the man.

  28. "luckily not battle royale"
    Dude, give DE a year, some public open alpha testing with the community, and Warframe's Battle Royale mode would completely destroy everything on the BR market right now.

  29. Incredible game. Free game. I put down $100 into this game already, souly to support DE, because they truly deserve it for constantly listening out to the community. Thanks for the great game DE and can't wait to see the future of Warframe! 700 hours in!

  30. is there gonna be new frame like gara in plains of eidolon

  31. i played this game yesterday just woke up to watch this, Really good game 😀 gonna go back to it after video but first COFFEE JAR!

  32. I hope there's an update later that let's you park your ship in certain areas, and you can walk in and out of it and mingle in an area where other people could be doing the same thing. I'd be a neat way to see other people's ships.

    like when your in a squad and are in orbit of a planet and no one picked a mission yet. Itd be cool if we could exit our ship and fly around and goof off, or enter the other ships and just hang out until we decide what to do next.

    or allow us to use our own ships to assist in railjack missions.

    I'm a sucker for stuff like that.

  33. Played this game for a while untill i hit the point when i had to go out in the ''open world'' then i left.
    i think u had something with the ''in door'' missions and farming and upgrading and leveling and u had to improve on that.
    the open world mmo like shit ? thats not for me.
    if i wanted to play an mmo ill go play a good mmo not this.
    so i played for couple of weeks and i left

  34. really want his pineapple hat

  35. So is Nef Anyo gonna be the big baddie in this?

  36. I love it when you look at this game and smile at it and its developers while destiny does the exact opposite…

  37. Maybe I am jumping back in. I played 2 years ago so alot must have changed. I still got the frost prime set anyone interested lmao ?

  38. I would love to see some sort of land vehicle that seats multiple people.
    Imagine a Warthog-like or Spectre-like vehicle in Warframe. You know, with a driver, a passenger or two, and a gunner.

  39. i have a question ; so after all these udates (fortuna, railjack ….) will we be able to travel from planet to planet by sapceships that we drive ourseleves ????

  40. I just love warframe

  41. They should make battle Royale as a joke on April 1

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