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Akafuji Slot★March 26 Part 2 «Big Win Dramatic Recovery»★ZEUS Son of Kronos Slot Bet $2.25, Barona

Akafuji Slot★March 26 Part 2 «Big Win Dramatic Recovery»★ZEUS Son of Kronos Slot Bet $2.25, Barona

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  1. I enjoyed this game… thanks

  2. wow ur lucky i wish i was in shoes i cant when that kinda $ at the downs casino in erie pa

  3. omg they were playing one of my favorite Beatles songs! strawberry fields forever!

  4. Great win. I'm exhausted watching all those bonuses. Thanks for posting the video.

  5. congratulation

  6. By the thumbnail, I thought you won the Zeus jackpot

  7. wow that major is like 19 minis! amazing. lol

  8. I liked reading Kuri's comment about how you were like the Phoenix bird that rises from the ashes. Whenever it seems you are about to lose, you always come back with a wonderful big win. I like watching your games very much.

  9. Iam your big fan, and always enjoyed watching your videos…..I hope that you post more often. You are such a never dying Kamikaze…always survive and made a win in the end! Bravo girl!!!!

  10. How much u start?

  11. This is reason why I call you "Phoenix Bird" ! You never die ! LOL
    You are always like that 🙂
    Do you remember that you made over $3,000 from only $18 at casino ?
    You have strong Luck and Inspiration. I don't worry about you at Casino! Hahaha

  12. i play at barona casino evry two weeks..where you live??

  13. have you ever gotten the zeus ? yay for the major! and extra spins !

  14. In part 3, you lose it all dramatically. 🙂

  15. Nice run! Looking forward to part 3.

  16. My new nickname for Akafuji is "Hail Mary". Haha, this is awesome!!

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